It would be naive to think that the best players are people like you –

It would be naive to think that the best players are people like you –

For streamers Twitch Asmongold, Active in the World of Warcraft scene, would be naive to think that I am Highest streamer They are like their audience, that is, they live similarly. Above all, what makes the difference is the large amount these new important people earn.

Asmongold’s intervention may seem trivial, but the truth is that there are many who believe that live broadcasters are “people like them,” that is, they believe that they can develop with those who are now in all respects the characters making a show, kind of Friendship relationship Peer-to-peer.

Perhaps that was possible in the early years of broadcasting, when the phenomenon was still fresh and the streamers were actually simple players, eager to launch into a new communication channel. In 2021, that is no longer the case, according to Smungold, and many of those people belong to someone else Economic level Regarding their audience.

Asmongold: “I really think people are so gullible when they think of broadcasters like “Oh, he’s just like me!” These people are not like you. They earn $ 50,000 a month playing video games. They have people who paid $ 10,000 to tweet. They are constantly buying new luxury cars. They just pretend.How do you blame him?

Asmongold during flow

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