“Too bad that this solution has to be there.” – Nerd4.life

“Too bad that this solution has to be there.” – Nerd4.life

Amazon Announced that the Game Streaming Service “Colors“There is now a new solution option, and it is now possible to set the service to one Max resolution is 720p. Matt Pescatella, Video Game Industry Consultant and CEO, NPD Group, said:It’s just too bad that this solution exists“.

Let’s start from the beginning. The Amazon Luna setup has been introduced by the company following user reviews. Moreover, the top-tier options have clearly not been phased out. However, American players have requested the ability to fine-tune 720p For a very simple reason: not many players have access to networks with unlimited traffic; In other words, many users are in the US They have to pay on an actual usage basis. Plus, they don’t have particularly fast connections, so playing at a higher resolution was unnecessarily expensive.

That is why Pescatella stated, “It is great that there are more options […] Exists for cloud gaming ”but at the same time stressed that“ it is bad that this solution exists. ”In other words, how can the gaming market be allowed to develop in a direction that many manufacturers consider the future, when there is a large portion of gamers in a nation like states United Limited in speed and connection costs?

Cloud games contain many practical limitations that in the short term do not seem insurmountable. What do you think that? Want to try Amazon Luna as soon as it’s available in Italy? It certainly does inspire confidence that the head of the cloud service has left five months after the announcement.

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