A PS5 remake of The Last of Us, not a continuation of Days Gone

A PS5 remake of The Last of Us, not a continuation of Days Gone

Based in San Diego, the Visual Arts Service Group in the shadows has for many years supported the largest PlayStation Studios productions in all artistic divisions. In recent years, by observing some resumes on LinkedIn and interpreting certain job offers, fans have concluded that a whole new development team had formed from this group, and that his official announcement was only a matter of time. The Bloomberg article tells us that this will already be in place, led by Michael Mombauer, founder of the Visual Arts Services Group. Since then, Mumbauer, like many members of the workforce, has left the ship as a result of his inability to be accepted by Sony Interactive Entertainment as a full-fledged development studio dreaming of achieving independence and joining PlayStation Studios side by side. Companions like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, or Sucker Punch.

PS5 remake of The Last of Us in The Last of Us Part II quality

The Jason Schreyer survey, conducted with eight former members of this team, showed that the first idea of ​​the Visual Arts Services group was a remake of the first. Anonymous. The idea was very ambitious, yet the idea was set aside in favor of a remake of a newer game, the first The last of us. The initial project was to introduce the latter on the PS5 by introducing graphic and fun quality at the climax of Chapter Two released in June 2020. Since then, plans have changed, and it appears that Naughty Dog has finally picked up development in reworking his game, while the Arts Services group has recovered. Visualize her role as a support group, and failed to convince Hermann Holst. The PlayStation Studios director had deemed the project too expensive due to the recruitment requested by Michael Mumbauer and the costs incurred from the new PS5 graphics engine. As a result, part of Naughty Dog’s large workforce will be kept busy today in this extensive overhaul of the former The last of usMeanwhile, PlayStation Productions and HBO will begin filming the transformation of the same game into a TV series.

On Bend Studio, Days Gone will no longer be followed

For Jason Schreier, the Visual Arts Service Group’s inability to establish itself as a new AAA studio reflects the cautious and conservative side of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s management, which prefers to lend its trust and money to teams that have already made a mark. Evidence the movies, While abandoning most of his Japan studio designs. But unpleasant surprises can also occur in studios that are believed to have proven themselves adequately. Thus Bloomberg reveals that despite the great commercial success of Days passed, Bend Studio didn’t get the green light to develop a sequel, in part due to the mixed critical reception and time spent developing the game. A discovery that coincides with the sudden departures of John Garvin and Jeff Ross, author and director Days passed.

So what has Bend Studio been up to since its release Days passed In the spring of 2019? According to Bloomberg sources, a portion of the studio was called in to assist Naughty Dog with her multiplayer project while another part was responsible for starting production on a new project. Anonymous Under Naughty Dog, once again. A site that was not unanimous within the studio, which Naughty Dog feared would absorb to the point of requesting that it be removed from the project. Anonymous. According to Jason Schreyer, Bend Studio saw his wish come true last month and is now focused on her own project (plus a PC outlet guarantee for Days passed Expected soon). To be clear, there is currently no indication that a new episode ofAnonymous In development, despite the upcoming release of the feature film and the fact that each new episode sold better than its predecessor.

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