Tom Slingsby wins his first boat race.  Francesco Bruni in front of James Spethyl.  Far from Ben Ainsley and Peter Burling – OA Sport

Tom Slingsby wins his first boat race. Francesco Bruni in front of James Spethyl. Far from Ben Ainsley and Peter Burling – OA Sport

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19.55 Team Australia runs 24 inches ahead of the Japanese at Gate 5. Spain (Phil Robertson) is third. It is followed by Denmark fourth, France fifth, United States (James Spethyl) sixth, Great Britain (Ben Ainsley) seventh, and New Zealand (Peter Burling) eighth.

19.53 Tom Slingsby (Team Australia) also top at Gate 4, the defending champion kicks off. Behind them are the Japan team and the Denmark team. Ben Ainsley (Great Britain team) came down to fifth, overtaken by the Spaniards. Jimmy Spethyl (Team USA) and Peter Burling (Team New Zealand) closed the standings.

19.51 The Australians are well ahead of their rivals. The situation does not change at the third gate. Jimmy Spethyl (USA Team) and Peter Burling (New Zealand Team) always close the partial rankings.

19.49 There are no changes in attitude when passing to the second mark.

19.48 Team Australia leads the way, followed by Japan and Denmark. Ben Ainsley (Great Britain Team) rose to fourth. Jimmy Spethyl (Team USA) and Peter Burling (Team New Zealand) closed the standings.

19.47 behind the Japanese and Danish Australians. Last minute James Spethyl with his team USA.

7.45pm Aggressive, spectacular and effective maneuver by Tom Slingsby (Team Australia) who cut the starting line in the lead!

19.44 There are 30 inches left at the start !!!!!

19.43 The second race will start today soon.

19.41 Stunning starting stages for the first regatta.

19.39 was the worst of Ben Ainsley, who finished seventh with his team, Great Britain.

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19.37 Outside of Peter Burling with his New Zealand team, they have never won sixth place in the race.

19.34 Francesco Bruni, a member of the Japanese team led by Nathan Utridge, finished the first race in third place against his former America’s Cup adventure mate James Spethyl, who finished fourth.

19.32 Team Spain, fifth, New Zealand, led by Peter Burling, sixth, Great Britain, led by Ben Ainslie, seventh and eighth, to Denmark.

19.29 In second place is the France team (Billy Besson), followed by the Japan team led by Francesco Bruno, who mocked the American crew for leading James Spethyl in the final match.

19.28 Team Australia (Tom Slingsby) wins their first Regatta race !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The title holders have been confirmed to be the crew to win again in this edition.

19.27 Punishment for the French who overreach !!!!! The Australia team is in the lead !!!

19.26 France (Billy Besson) leads the fifth gate, followed by Australia and the USA team.

19.25 prompts Slingesby and Spethel to take the right side of the field and pick a different transalpine crew. The first three positions at the fourth gate do not change.

19.24 The situation does not change at the third gate, with Team France (Billy Bison) in the lead, Team Australia (Tom Slingsby) overtaking the American boat. The Spaniards are housed. Japan followed with Francesco Bruni, Great Britain, New Zealand and Denmark.

19.22 Team France (Billy Bison) leads the second gate, followed by the United States (James Spethyl) and Australia (Tom Slingsby). Late Peter Burling (New Zealand team) and Ben Ainsley (Great Britain team) sixth and seventh respectively.

19.20 Team USA also took out Jimmy Spethyl, who was also captain of Luna Rossa during the last America’s Cup.

19.19 Despite the penalty kick to defeat the strong Australian team (Tom Slingsby), it returns strongly to the middle of the second leg.

19.16 Team France (Billy Bison) leads the way, followed by Spain (Phil Robertson) and New Zealand (Peter Burling).

19.14 Parties !!!!! Team Spain is immediately ahead but the crew is very close.

19.13 1 left at the start.

19.10 Tom Slingsby (Team Australia), Jimmy Spethyl (Team USA), Peter Burling (Team New Zealand), Ben Ainsley (Team Great Britain) and Nathan Utridge (Team Japan), the latter will be able to count on the contribution of Sicilian Francesco Bruni, these are the most names In anticipation of the event.

19.07 Here we go: Only a few minutes left for the start of the first Regatta for this SailGP.

19.00 Perfect weather conditions to start boat races.

18.55 We now have a few minutes left for the first SailGP races to begin.

18.50 There will be eight crews in the race, with some of the great champions of the last Copa America at their helm.

18.45 Good evening and welcome to the live broadcast of the first day of SailGP races in Bermuda, the first phase of the event.

SailGP regulationSailGP Bermuda

Hello and welcome again SailGP Live text 1. The event will start today with the first two days of the race scheduled in Bermuda. The heroes will be F50-foil cruise And on the various boats there will be some great heroes navigation International, including some of the 36th American Cup champions.

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Jimmy Spethyl (USA Team), Peter Burling (New Zealand Team) Ben Ainsley (Great Britain team) e Nathan Otteridge (Team Japan), with the latter being able to count on the contribution of the Sicilians Francesco Bruni. Nikolai Seehsted (Denmark) , Billy Bison (France) H. Phil Robertson (Spain) They will be the other three at the starting line for the new one SailGP.

Crews will compete in free-to-all fleet races that will contribute to an overall ranking of the event and individual stages, first 10 points, second 9, third 8, etc. The two best teams at each stage will compete in a match race to determine partial winners. At the end of the eight scheduled dates during SailGP, the team with the most points will win the event.

OA Sport brings you live regattas live text broadcast today on the first day of SailGP: Real-time news and constant updates so you really don’t miss anything. The live broadcast will begin at 19.00. Good fun!

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