Rugby, Mont de Marsan, eternal regret in Al Ain

Rugby, Mont de Marsan, eternal regret in Al Ain

A priori big difference between the two teams, Al Ain FC 5 and Mons Stadium 11. On the way to Boniface, on February 5, Mons performed well, once this season, sharing points with Oyonnax 23-23.

Oyo, the danger

Oyonnax aching, hell of a thorn. On the artificial turf in their favorite box, Oyomen is often intractable even without their crowd. But the monsters of the eye aren’t all the same terrible as they were a few years ago. A context without popular support affects the march of red and black a little. So Mons Stadium wanted to try to report something on this long journey. And that would have been more of a good point. Gascon who made it turn. The two children with Briar and Gozo are in third grade, side by side William Wavrin Finally, the health imbalance has returned, and this is a Covid that caused him to have cardiomyopathy. Léo Coly, it is, linked the hinge to Simon Desaubies. Baptiste Kochinaev, center, continues to improve his integration. We scored our first record of the season, definitely on the bench but all the same, from an unfortunate great rugby player, second streak. Baptiste HazzardFormer Clermont, who has been suffering from a recurring injury since arriving from Aurillac in the off-season, had cruciate ligament surgery after a training injury. Mons people who played with the transistor near the grass. The meetings of the maintenance contenders, Aurillac, Rouen and Aix who clashed, Valence who left Montauban on par with Montalbanians with stadiums, these matches could say a lot this evening for Mont-de-Marsan’s future.

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Mons drove until the 78th minute!

How is that possible ? Mess. They return empty. Mons has a very good first run. They are undermining Oyonnax regulation. They record two attempts. The first among the entries by the Tahitian winger Tifa Jacqueline On the gold service of the third line Charles Breyer, thumbs up, Him the whole game. the second William Wavrin, A Covid survivor, is served by Naituvi in ​​a work created by Laousse-Azpiazu and Desaubies. 23-20 with lemon for gascon. And after 12 minutes of appeal, a third article by Liu Cooley about great inspiration, again from Desaubies. Everything is going fine so far! except that … Suddenly the pitch foilPiles, support is late, we lose sense of the game, Oyonnax is back in the game. 78! Four failed attempts And Tony Insur, the indefensible New Zealand back, Oyo is in swing. Extremely cruel and cruel disappointment to Mons, who immediately lost the defensive bonus. Lots of quality, lots of energy to finally get back in one hand forward, one hand behind. The main shortcomings of the season that we must learn from, the management of the club, the lessons. Zealously and quickly !!!

The Montois stadium remains 11th But under threat, in light of the other results of the evening, from Provence and Rouen who are two champions, from Aurillac, the first non-landing, to four points. Valencia who earned the defensive bonus in Montauban can still save himself. There are two games left and the suspense will continue.

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The next departure from Mon is on Friday May 7th in Beziers.

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