Tokyo Women's Soccer Program 2021

Tokyo Women’s Soccer Program 2021

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics will start on July 23, 2021 and end on August 8. However, some tournaments will start early. The competition that will keep us company for three weeks and will surely help us not to think about the severe state of the epidemic that the world is going through. Among the Olympics there is the one that most people in the world love, and that is football. But in addition to the male, there is also the female, which is an ever-growing movement. Here is the Tokyo 2021 women’s soccer schedule.

What will be the Tokyo women’s soccer schedule?

The Women’s Championship will open on Wednesday 21 July and there will be six matches.

  • Starts at 09:30 – Women: Great Britain – Chile – Japan – Canada
  • 10:00 – Women: China – Brazil, Zambia – Netherlands
  • Closes at 10:30 am – Ladies: Sweden – United States, Australia – New Zealand

The second day will take place on Saturday 24 July.

  • Starts at 09:30 – Women: Chile – Canada, Japan – Great Britain
  • Then 10:00 – Women: China – Zambia, Netherlands – Brazil
  • To conclude the second round at 10:30 – women: Sweden – Australia, New Zealand – the United States

The final round of the group stage will be on July 27th.

  • The first matches will be broadcast at 10:00 – Women: New Zealand – Sweden, Chile – Japan
  • 10:30 am – Ladies: USA, Australia, Canada, and Great Britain
  • Finally at 13:30 – Ladies: Brazil – Zambia, Netherlands – China
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After the group stage

The quarter-finals will be played on Friday 30 July. The first match will take place at 10:00. The other matches will be played respectively at 11:00, 12:00 and finally 13:00. The semi-finals will take place on Monday 2 August. The first will be played at 10:00 and the last at 13:00.
Before the final, the race for third place will take place on the 5th of August at 10:00. Instead, the final season of the tournament will be on Friday 6 August at 4:00. So remember to set an alarm so that you don’t miss the appointment.

Tournament sets

Group H.: Great Britain, Chile, Japan, Canada – Georn F.: China, Brazil, Zambia, Netherlands – Group G: Sweden, the United States, Australia and New Zealand

Tokyo men’s soccer program 2021

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