Graham Stoker se lance dans la course à la présidence de la FIA

Graham Stocker is in the race for the presidency of the International Automobile Federation

Graham Stoker, a British lawyer, is the former president of the Motorsports Federation and has been a member of the FIA ​​World Motor Sport board since 2004. And more recently, since the 2012 elections, Stoker has held the position of Vice President for Sports and has worked in close cooperation with the current president of the FIA, Jean Todt, who His last term expires this year. On this occasion, he set off for the presidential race.

Stoker has assembled an experienced management team including ex-driver Tom Kristensen, who is the vice president for the sport. Thierry Willemark of Belgium is a candidate to succeed him as vice president for mobility, while New Zealander Brian Gibbons intends to continue his term as president of the Senate of the International Automobile Federation.

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Christensen is clearly the main character of this team after his racing career hitting nine wins in 24 Hours of Le Mans, more than any other driver in motorsport history. After leaving the ring in 2014, he has held the position of chair of the FIA’s drivers committee since early 2016.

Speaking at the launch of his “FIA For All” campaign, Stocker said: “I want the FIA ​​and its member clubs to have a global impact on all aspects of sport and mobility, as well as emerging trends in transport and energy.”

“We will build on the remarkable work President Jean Todd has done over the past 12 years, and we are proud of our ability to provide many innovative programs and resources to support members and assist the President in developing our clubs and making the FIA ​​a strong, respected and influential international organization. Our deep belief is FIA for all that will continue. In strengthening our union – for our members, our sport and our community. “

The FIA ​​presidential elections are scheduled for next December. The only other candidate announced so far is former rally driver Mohamed Bin Sulayem.

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