Les Bleus à l

To the blues who sacrificed for the country

21 starters were selected for the tour in Australia. How many would join the ranks of these transient aliens, who only knew to pick one or two, at the time of the kamikaze tour?

For fifteen years, and this bad habit of sacrificing the summer tours of the southern hemisphere, though irreplaceable in terms of experience, we no longer counted the force-recruited blues to play liners at the end of the world and forgotten once the fifteenth of France returned to the country . The tour of New Zealand in June 2007 is a one-of-a-kind example. Deprived of the semi-finalists in the top fourteen (Stade Français, Biarritz, Clermont, Toulouse), Bernard Laporte chooses youngsters excited by the idea of ​​donning the blue jersey for the first time. They will be executed without striking an eyelid by a black-clad executioner.

First track, June 2 in Auckland, 42 to 11. Before the capital sank, June 61 to 10, June 9 in Wellington. Ten of these blues will never be called up to the French team: quarterbacks Arnaud Mignardi and Lionel Mazars, winger Jean-François Coux, No. 10 Nicolas Laharrague, Scrum backing Mickaël Forest and Nicolas Durand, winger Grégory Le Corvec, second row Olivier Olibeau, poles Frank Montanella and Olivier Surgens (first and last pick at 35). fell for the country…

The following year, the tour in Australia also resulted in some casualties: Bayonne Jean-Baptiste Perras-Lostalt, winger David Janin, third row Yannick Caballero, columnists Pierre Correia and Raynaud Bouyod (who would nonetheless add third selection in 2009) or coach’s brother, Mathieu Livemont. In the archives, we find traces of a few summer untouchables. Pillars: Dennis Avril (2005 tour of Australia), Evan Watermes (tour of Argentina 2012), Mohamed Boughanmi (2016 tour of South Africa). But also two places, Jean-Charles Sestak and Felix Le Boorhees (2014 tour of Australia) or second streak William Demot (2016 tour of Argentina). Among other things…

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While playing this round, the goal of this young group should be to gain experience and reveal themselves. They should just keep that in mind

Rafael Ibanez

References that could make new Bleus fear the worst of this sacrificed new round. Like their ancestors, they still prefer to believe that they have everything to gain rather than everything to lose. “We know what people might think, but it doesn’t affect us any more“, guarantees the third row of LOU, Dylan Cretin, who already has 10 picks. Ditto for Stade de France center in Paris Jonathan Dante (6 picks).”Sports interest for this tour, everyone thinks about what they want. But we the players are naturally in a positive state of mind. We know how many players have taken advantage of rounds of this nature to seize their chance and settle into the France team when they did not make the coaching front.»

2007 kamikaze tour in New Zealand

If we refer to the 2007 kamikaze tour of New Zealand, we will find traces of three starters who were able to settle permanently with the Blues: Julien Pierre (25 picks at the end), Fulgens Ouedraogo (38) and Damien Schole (39). Three out of fifteen novices, the proportion is hardly high. But, in fact, there is a small chance. Who would be great in the case of exploits (gaps) in Australia as France’s 15th has not won since … 1990!

Manager Rafael Ibanez assured him he believed it. “All players present are legitimate. They are asked to switch to the mentality of a hero. While playing this round, the goal of this young group should be to gain experience and reveal themselves. They just have to keep that in mind.“The message has arrived if we are to believe the young version of Racing 92, Ibrahim Diallo (age 22).”We don’t have complicated. We know we are a very small team, with very few choices. But we are here to prove that we all deserve our place in the France team and try to win our place in the upcoming deadlines.” So far, so good…

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