Clawson - Alessandro and Simon, climbs and descends towards San Lucio, 8,848 meters in altitude (as Everest), without sleep

Clawson – Alessandro and Simon, climbs and descends towards San Lucio, 8,848 meters in altitude (as Everest), without sleep

Alessandro Politi e Simon Trussardi A pledge that will remain in the heart forever. Ascend (and descend) toward San Lucio, at Clusone, like Everest. 8,848 meters in height, there is no limit but not to sleep. 20 climbs in a total of 20 and a half hours. The first 29 years, the second 31, old friends with a common passion, the passion for the bike.

On the saddle, we took many trips together, even abroad, and definitely getting to know each other and getting along was key to meeting the challenge ahead.Simon explains.

Before telling them about their experience, let’s focus on their passion for the bike.

I’ve been cycling since I was a kid Simon adds, These were Paolo Savoldelli times, it was impossible not to be excited. Since I was 14, I started cycling outside with my parents and from there I never stopped… and indeed, I tried to get my friends involved too“.

Alessandro adds:I used to watch the Giro d’Italia on TV, but if I hadn’t been to the Oratory, I had never used the bike (smiles, editor). In the past five or six years, I have grown more passionate and a significant portion of my free time has been spent doing sports…and now I also work in the cycling business.”

Before Eversting there were many trips…”The first was from Turin to Barcelona, ​​and then, in 2017, from Bergamo to Lyon in Atalanta’s first away game in the Europa League. Last year we did the pre-Everesting trip, we biked from sunrise to sunset, 300km and 5,000m from here to Lake Garda and back with some climbing, while two years ago we did the best trip ever in New Zealand with 1,300km in two weeks“.

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And we come to the company as a challenge with the psyche: “The shutdown forced us to consider a flight up close, but as for the experience and organization, it was more like a real one. The idea of ​​this sporting challenge has been attractive to us for a while and we wanted it to be on a meaningful climb. A few years ago, my uncle Gigi Politi did it on the Presolana Pass, which for locals is a classic climb, but when we learned, in November, that they were going to pave the San Lucio Trail, we had no doubt, our Mount Everest would be there. On the first day, when the works were done, we went to try … it was hard and in November it was also cold“.

He reached the top…”Well, we weren’t convinced we were able to do that – Simon continues -, But we were convinced we wanted to try… It’s the climb home and then the magic of being the first. Our goal was, we didn’t have any trips planned but we wanted to know our limits and try to overcome them”…

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