To increase the birth rate, make your team win

To increase the birth rate, make your team win

This is the conclusion reached – without laughing – by a team of three researchers from Ireland and Malta study Titled “Sports Championships and Changes in Birth Rates after 9 Months.” It is more than just a systematic review, that is, a synthesis of the scientific literature – which indicates that some researchers have already asked this question.

In particular, this literature review found five events that saw an increase in births after nine months: the Super Bowl, the 2009 UEFA Champions League (UEFA), the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the 2016 UEFA European Football Championship, and the Rugby Championship. World Cup 2019.

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We also find associations around other tournaments (soccer and soccer in the United States, and rugby in Africa, Asia, and Europe), but specifically, as the trio writes, “after notable victories for the team or country hosting the tournament.” So much so that “unexpected defeats for a soccer team Big league play was associated with fewer births after nine months.

Beyond what these data might suggest about supporters' enthusiasm after victory, such research could be of public health benefit, the researchers venture to conclude: in their view, it could contribute to “health care planning” and “highlight the role of health the public”. Societal events in shaping demographic trends.

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