General Said Chengriha: “We must ensure a flawless defense of our airspace”

General Said Chengriha: “We must ensure a flawless defense of our airspace”

Chief of Staff of the People's National Army. doctor

General Saïd Chengriha, Chief of Staff of the People's National Army, conducted, on Tuesday, a working and inspection visit to the command of the Air Defense Forces in the region, according to a report from the National Defense Directorate.

“Within the interest that the Supreme Command of the People's National Army attaches to the professional and operational situation of its personnel, and in continuation of its inspection visits to the various components of the People's National Army, on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan, the General of the Army took over and led Mr. Saïd Chengriha, Chief of Staff of the People's National Army, on Tuesday, March 26, 2024 On a working visit and inspection of the headquarters of the Air Defense Forces in the region.

After the reception ceremony at the entrance to the Territory Air Defense Command headquarters, the Army Commander, accompanied by Major General Abdelaziz Hawam, Commander of the Territory Air Defense Forces, stood for a moment of contemplation of the memory of the well-known martyr Degheen Ben Ali. Si Lotfi, whose headquarters bears the name, also rose before placing a wreath in front of his memorial tomb, and recited Al-Fatiha from the Holy Qur’an on his soul and the memory of all the brave martyrs.

Subsequently, the Army General met with the executives and officers of the Territory Air Defense Forces Command, where he delivered an orientation speech, followed by the staff of the units of this arm via video communication technology, in which he stressed “the importance of the People’s National Army considering control of airspace as a decisive factor in achieving air superiority.” And winning modern battles.”

“We, within the People's National Army, are fully aware of the importance of the radical change in the nature and theater of modern battles, where airspace has undoubtedly occupied the forefront of operations and thus become an operational criterion of great importance and a decisive factor.” He stressed that “the factor capable of turning the balance of wars is not just winning battles,” stressing that “in reality, whoever controls the atmosphere is the one who has the factors and conditions for victory.” Now, this space is the environment in which we must record our first victories, winning the development challenge and the air superiority challenge.

“Personnel of the Regional Air Defense Forces must constantly ensure readiness and improve operational readiness to maintain the safety of the national airspace,” the Army General stressed.

“The leadership, executives and personnel of the Regional Air Defense Forces are called upon to understand the extent of their responsibility, by ensuring the operational preparation of units, strict monitoring of our airspace and improving operational readiness.” He emphasized the available means.

“It is also up to them to give training and combat preparation the attention and monitoring they need to ensure good adaptation to the requirements of modern technologies and to prepare qualified and specialized human resources capable of facing all eventualities and ensuring an impeccable defense.” The Chief of Staff of the National People's Army added.

After that, the Army Commander followed “with great interest the interventions of the cadres of the Territory Air Defense Command, and gave them instructions and directives, especially regarding the necessity of continuing combat readiness efforts with all the necessary precision and seriousness in order to maintain combat readiness.” The operational availability of the units is at the highest level,” notes the press release.

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In conclusion, the Army Commander chaired “the inauguration ceremony of a new military barracks under the command of the Territory Air Defense Forces, where the unit commander gave him a detailed presentation, before inspecting its various infrastructure, and inquiring about the working and living conditions it provides to employees.”


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