Tired of scammers?  This bot answers their emails for you

Tired of scammers? This bot answers their emails for you

A New Zealand company has developed a bot that responds to email scams for you. This tool is called Re:scam, and it responds relentlessly until the person stops writing to it.

I'm an AI email bot designed to respond to scammers [les arnaqueurs qui agissent par mails]. I am anyone, and I am no one. » This is the mission that fulfills Re: scama tool developed by the New Zealand company Netsafespecializes in cyber security.

If you want to fool bots that you consider too intrusive, know that this bot can provide you with an important service. When you receive a suspicious email, Netsafe offers to forward it to the address [email protected] ; Re:scam will answer it for you, By asking a set of questions.

The fraudster fell into his own trap

We'll also send you a transcript of the conversations Re:scam had with the scammer – and they're pretty funny sometimes! Please note that this may take some time, as the bot is designed to respond to the scammer at different times to make it appear natural – it can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few days for the bot to respond each time. “, explains Netsafe on His website.

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Re: scam He can continue this conversation indefinitely — or at least until the scammer stops responding. The bot can also chat By repeating grammatical errors What a real human being would have done.

However, Re:scam risks reaching the limit: what to do if a scammer has equipped himself with a similar bot? It could potentially start an endless conversation between the two AIs – like when two Google Homes started chatting together.

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