Rocket Lab has begun producing fully modular satellites

Rocket Lab has begun producing fully modular satellites

Image source: Rocket Lab

After successfully launching its partially 3D-printed rocket last January, the American company of New Zealand origin launched… Rocket laboratory It continues its development ambitiously: it will now build satellites that can be customized according to customers' wishes.

if SpaceX And Blue originalUnder the leadership of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos respectively, a central place in aerospace news, Rocket laboratory, founded by Peter Beck in 2006, is also attracting community interest. Recently, the group, originally from New Zealand but based in California, distinguished itself by launching its electronic rocket, some parts of which were 3D printed.

Photon, the Swiss Army knife of space

This time, the transatlantic company is back in the spotlight thanks to a new type of satellite: Photonfrom its name, can be adapted to the needs of customers, who, at will, add sensors or other scientific instruments.

Rocket Lab clearly takes care of the manufacturing part, before integrating all kinds of components to order, as we learned the edge.

Expensive launch… but still economical

If the photon were destined for low orbit, its built-in thrusters would allow it to adjust its direction and altitude. A good way to adapt to demanding tasks (satellite TV, Internet or even Earth observation). So far, two clients have already booked their services: a commercial operator and a government, whose identities remain confidential.

The photon, which is circular in shape, will be placed on top of an electron rocket to be launched into space. But this type of operation comes at a cost: expect $6 million just to put the machine into orbit.

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source : the edge.

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