Tips and Tricks to Master Your Smartwatch

It may surprise you that there are many brands that have made a solid name for themselves in the smartwatch market. Supporting both Android and iPhone, many Standalone smartwatches are reliable and come with neat hardware and software features.

However, if you have a smartwatch, you may not be using the device to its full potential. Beneath the surface, these portable devices contain many lesser-known features. Here are the best tips and tricks to get the most out of your smartwatch.

Customize watch faces

Many stores have a wide variety of watch faces that you can try out. But you might want a particular item to be a different color, or maybe you’d like to replace the complication tool.

Fortunately, you can customize the watch faces (depending on the developer). For example, you can modify most partially preloaded watch faces.
The customize button, if available, will appear at the top of the watch faces tab in the wearable app. Make sure you install it to take full advantage of the rest of these tips.

Take photos

Did you know that you can take screenshots of your Android smartwatch? This can be useful, especially for troubleshooting purposes where you may need to share an error message with the support team.

To take a screenshot on your smartwatch, swipe from the left edge to the right while holding the Home button. If you perform this gesture successfully, you will see an animation of the captured screenshot exit the screen.

Add tracks and photos offline

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Like your phone, your smartwatch has local storage space. You can enjoy it by adding music and photos to your watch for offline viewing. This allows you, for example, to run without your phone and listen to music with wireless headphones directly on your smartwatch.

Avoid beating and tapping while swimming

The latest big smartwatch can track your swimming, as well as call or text your contacts. As you can imagine, you probably don’t want to combine these two features.
To avoid accidentally contacting someone or doing any other unwanted action while swimming, you should turn on the water lock mode. It essentially puts your watch in the off position and prevents accidental contact when you are in the water.

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