Timon Krause Special: This woman fascinated my mind

Timon Krause Special: This woman fascinated my mind

Will Timon Krause attract Joachim Lambie and the rest of the “Let’s Dance” jury in 2023? Al-Aqli is trying to dance his hand this year. You can find out what he’s doing when he’s not hypnotized or dancing here.

Psychologist Timon Krause will be dancing to “Let’s Dance” in 2023. Photo: news.de montage / Instagram screenshot [timonkrause] / screens

As a mentalist, Timon Krause seems to know exactly what gets people moving. But what does a “Let’s Dance” filter tag look like? News.de I’ll tell you.

Timon Krause Special: This is how the boy from the Moers became a mentalist

Timon Krause was born in Moers (NRW) on June 20, 1994 and raised in Isselburg. At the age of sixteen, he spent some time as an exchange student in Auckland, New Zealand, where he met the mentalist Richard Webster. He taught Timon the art of mental programming. After graduating from school, Timon became more familiar with the human psyche and began to study philosophy in Amsterdam.

At just 20 years old, the then student was first voted “Dutch Master of Mental Magic” in 2014, and then in 2016 as the youngest winner to date of “Best European Mind”. He was also the first German to win the American show “Penn & Teller: Fool Us”. Timon has already traveled the world with his stage shows and has given TedX talks, and in addition to ‘Penn & Teller’ he has also been seen on other TV shows such as ‘Joko & Klaas vs ProSieben’.

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However, Timon not only entertains his fans on the big stage, but also as an author with his books. At the age of 24, he published his first work, You Are a Mental Scientist! in 2018, two years after Do We Know Each Other? A Guide to Understanding Human Nature.

Timon Krause dances with Ekaterina Leonova in “Let’s Dance” 2023

At the end of January, RTL announced: Timon Krause is dancing 2023 in “Let’s Dance” with. “I’m really keen on the show because I’m really keen on getting screwed,” the mentalist said in an Instagram post about his engagement. He could wriggle quite well – but admitted: “Can I dance is the other question. Ten years ago I did a dance course and gave questionable results. Let’s see how the whole thing develops. The expectation is for everyone to wait there. I’m really anxious to train, though.” That it could potentially be intense.” He must be right with dance partner Ekaterina Leonova.

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Timon Krause and love: mentally happy with it

Anyone who feels hypnotized by Timon even without Samsulabeam and has fallen into his magic must be very powerful now: he is happy. He met his girlfriend, photographer Sarah Fox, in the spring of 2017, and as his Instagram account reveals, they’ve traveled with her to a number of exotic locations such as Bonaire in the Caribbean. “First. Our fifth anniversary last summer,” Timon wrote in February 2023 for a snapshot of the couple, making it unequivocally clear that he has no other woman as unpleasant.

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Timon Krause in Profile:

Name: Timon Krause
Date and place of birth: 20 June 1994 in Moers
Gemini star
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: blue
Occupation: mentalist and author
Partner: Sarah Fox
Instagram: @employee
Facebook: @employee
location: www.timonkrause.com

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