TikTok allows ten-minute videos

TikTok allows ten-minute videos

The social network TikTok will allow its users to post videos of a maximum duration of ten minutes, compared to three so far, an initiative that puts it in more direct competition with rival YouTube. The decision comes eight months after the historic ceiling was first raised from one minute to three minutes.

Several US media reported, that this new limit has not been published in France, according to the results of World. However, if the information was confirmed to AFP by a TikTok spokesperson, the latter did not specify a deadline for the publication of this function in France.

“We hope this will further stimulate the creativity of our contributors around the world.”And the A spokeswoman for the Chinese subsidiary of ByteDance Group said. Specializing in streams of very short video clips that can be scrolled infinitely, TikTok seems to be catching on YouTube territory, the reference in terms of long-form user-generated content.

advertising motives

In March 2021, YouTube, for its part, sought to establish itself in the TikTok territory by launching YouTube Shorts, allowing its competitor to use an excerpt from the soundtrack of an existing video to record a sixty-second conversion. .

Other social networks have followed the short video path, such as Instagram, which introduced the Video Reels feature since August 2020, or Snapchat, which offered the ability to create short music videos since November 2020 using the Spotlight functionality.

The gap between TikTok and YouTube “Tight and long videos can help TikTok catch up,” Judge Yasmine Enberg, an analyst at Insider Intelligence, was quoted by AFP as saying. ” Longer videos also give creators more monetization opportunities. » By multiplying the formats, TikTok can hope Make it grow [son] Advertising activity »again according to the analyst. These long formats can also attract an older audience to the platform – the majority of the app’s users. He is now between 16 and 24 years old.

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For the Chinese social network, the difficulty will be integrating these long videos into TikTok’s neural flow, designed not to muster an extremely long attention span. Company internal report, accessed 2021 by the American media wiredHe noted that videos longer than one minute were overwrought In the eyes of half of TikTok users. The social network itself advises its creators to set duration From the production of twenty-one to thirty-four seconds.

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