Island T2 Lost Ark, Farm Road for Equipment Materials - Breakflip

Island T2 Lost Ark, Farm Road for Equipment Materials – Breakflip

In Lost Ark, once you level 50, you must level up your gear to advance. Once in level 2, some carrots have to be done!

missing coffin It is a MMORPG of Korean origin that has finally arrived in America and Europe. Since Tuesday, February 8, 2022, it has been possible for many players in Europe, North America and Oceania to play missing coffin Via Early Access! Scheduled Game Official Release for February 11, 2022but if you purchased the Founder’s Pack, you can run it in advance.

Like any good MMORPG and online game, you will go through the traditional level-up phase with your character and then participate in “end-game” content. You have to upgrade your equipment to get to the rest of the adventure and move from one level to the next. when you go to Level 2Some he is It is interesting to do to get materials to improve your equipment.

What are the islands in T2 in the Lost Ark?

When you complete level 1, congratulations, you move on to level 2 with the new dungeons Abyssal Dungeons, Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raid. Of course, you have to upgrade your hardware to get to T3. For the ingredients, here is a list of he is to make:

  • White Wave Island (1)
  • with meto 2)
  • Fomona Island (3)
  • The island of fleeting opportunity (4)
  • Iwana Island (5)
  • Liebheim (6)
  • Insomnia Island (7)
  • distorted island (8)
  • Outlaw Island (9)
  • Twilight Island (10)
  • hiking (11)
  • Hypnos eyes (12)
  • Azure Windward Island (13)
  • dream island (14)
  • Ruhendel (15th)
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The location of the T2 Islands in the Lost Ark

You will find a map with the route to follow above. Don’t forget to take all the missions on the different islands that you cross along this way to get the maximum number of ingredients.

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