Three reasons speak for it, and maybe one reason is against it

Three reasons speak for it, and maybe one reason is against it

01. Apr 2021-17: 36 hour

Nintendo Switch Lite: a completely handheld device

If you want to play video games on the bus or train, in the park or in the park, you can get a handheld device. Small consoles provide gaming enjoyment almost as much at home, and thanks to the built-in console, operation is not as flexible as it is in a smartphone. One of the best dogs he is Nintendo switch, But it is difficult to get now.

But there are also the smaller ones Nintendo Switch Lite*. In this case, smaller doesn’t mean the worst – on the contrary – because Switch Lite has it Advantages Big Sister Versus. Here Three reasons Who are speaking in favor of buying Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite: What Can a Micro Console Do?

Switch Lite is a slightly smaller version of Nintendo Switch Classic. So the most important difference is the size, but also the fact that the Switch Lite cannot connect to a TV. The so-called Joy-Cons – that is, the Switch Classic’s removable mini-consoles – are non-existent, but existing Nintendo consoles can optionally be attached to the Lite. Matches against other players are still possible.

Nintendo Switch Lite: 3 Reasons Why

price: For many, the purchase decision stands or falls with the purchase price. Here, Switch Lite has a clear introduction. Because compared to Switch Classic, it is about 130 euros cheaper on average. That’s why you get at least two new games, usually more.

Toys: All games that can be played with Switch Classic also work on the smaller Switch Lite. So players don’t have to limit themselves to this. Thus, it makes no difference if you play, for example, in multiplayer mode against someone who has Switch Classic.

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Handlichkeit: Switch Lite is by no means inferior to its classic big sister. But it is smaller in size, lighter in weight, and therefore more comfortable on the go. Plus: the battery lasts a little longer.

Nintendo Switch Lite: why not?

One of them is defective, and the other does not matter. In short: Switch Lite cannot connect to TV. It’s just a handheld device, i.e. a mobile console – and it was developed specifically for this.

Tip: These switch accessories shouldn’t be missing!

Our review: To buy the Nintendo Switch Lite or not?

The Switch Lite is a pure hand daddel box. If you can do without gaming on TV, you get an easy-to-use console, a full suite of games, longer battery life, and even a lot of money savings.

Nintendo Switch: These are the games that gamers love

Nintendo Switch Games: Classics and Games.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild: It is one of the top-rated Switch games with a huge lovingly crafted world, fantastic adventures and shrines of puzzles. Warning: risk of addiction!

Super Mario Odyssey: Cult Mario games – that’s it! Explore the world with the plumber in a platform adventure and save Princess Peach!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: The kart series is one of the best fun runners. Choose your card and character, and you can start playing with up to eight players.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: 2020 best seller is the perfect escape from reality. Build your home on a tropical island, relaxing from everyday life!

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🛒 To Amazon Overview: Most Popular Switch Game*

Switch and Switch Lite: the differences

Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Lite
Foreman Joy-Cons are detachable Strongly integrated
Monitor 6.2 inches 5.5 inches
TV support And No
Batteries tray From 3 to 8 hours 4.5 to 9 hours
price 329.94 euros € 199.99
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