This was how his life was extraordinary before his success Well done

"Riverdale"-Star KJ Apa: So außergewöhnlich war sein Leben vor dem Erfolg

KJ Apa was a rugby player

Rugby is the most popular sport in its New Zealand homeland. He also played until he was 17 years old KJ Oppa It was a challenging team sport and had to struggle with many difficulties during that period. “I always waited for the moment to finally grow. All of my friends and family grew up a lot and I was the skinny little boy who just couldn’t grow.”, Says KJ Oppa In an interview. As a result, the RiverdaleThe rugby star, of course, has a major flaw: “I had to play against men who are three times my size and men who are adults.” KJ Oppa He suffered three concussions during his rugby career and was forced to quit the sport when his acting career began: “The two just don’t work together.”

KJ Apa: His father is a chief of a tribe in Samoa

Riverdale-star KJ Oppa, Whose secret TikTok account appeared a month ago, has been with childhood since childhood Samoan culture To grow. The actor’s father is not only a part of Samoa, but also the leader of his tribe for several years after that KJ Abas Grandpa has passed away. So he’ll be the next actor’s role, but will he, too? “I can’t talk about Samoa, and since the title of president also carries a lot of responsibility, I don’t feel like I’m up to the task.” Moving to Vancouver to shoot a movie Riverdale (Season 5 is currently showing on Netflix) must have been a real culture shock to him, because he knew until a few months ago. KJ Oppa Not even what is Super Bowl. Until his colleague Mark Consuelos enlightened him, he thought it was something to eat. 😂

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