This startup process established a Bluetooth connection from space

This startup process established a Bluetooth connection from space

Recently, an American startup achieved great performance by creating Bluetooth connectivity in space. Indeed, this company succeeded in connecting two of its satellites located hundreds of kilometers away from each other, which is a great precedent. Among other things, this could revolutionize the Internet of Things (IoT) by allowing sensors, trackers and wearables to communicate in real-time and over long distances.

Simple software update

To some observers, Hubble Network recently took a giant step forward in Bluetooth technology. as shown statement As of May 2, 2024, the startup has established a Bluetooth connection in space, thus connecting two satellites They are located more than 600 kilometers from each other. In early March, SpaceX's Transporter-10 mission launched the two satellites from Space Force Base Vandenberg in California. Several weeks later, he received both devices Signals from a simple 3.5mm Bluetooth chip.

This feat was made possible thanks to a software update to some classic Bluetooth devices. However, this update allows this device to connect to the Hubble Network satellite network Without the need for a cellular connection. But what purpose could such an initiative serve? “Traditional networks often face insufficient coverage, complex integrations, high battery consumption and prohibitive costs, which limit their practicality and reach.”we can read in the press release.

Credits: Hubble Network

Towards a new era of communication

In fact, the goal of the Hubble Network is… Development of the global satellite network It can be accessed by any device capable of connecting via Bluetooth. If successful, potential applications are numerous and will include the Internet of Things (IoT), logistics and natural resource management. In addition, promises of initiation Twenty times less battery consumption Operating costs are fifty times lower. This is possible thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a technology that differs from classic Bluetooth with its capabilities in terms of long-distance transmission and low consumption.

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By challenging the limits of Bluetooth technology, the Hubble Network appears to have paved the way Towards a new era of communication Without any hardware modification. However, this innovation could have a more than significant impact as about five million Bluetooth devices are sold around the world every year.

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