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This mysterious unknown wants to provide a survival system in space

American aviation specialist 2.2 million euros to build a survival system in space..the system can handle A long-range mission in space. What is more, The identity of the customer who made this request has not been disclosed.

mysterious contract

American society Collins Aerospace is a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies.The development of a US military defense system, the company recently announced the signing of Contract worth 2.2 million euros with an anonymous client.

News: Our Environmental Control and Survival Systems (ECLSS) support our mission to establish operational and special orbital sites in low Earth orbit.

August 23, 2021

Therefore, the mysterious investor ordered Environmental and Survival Management System (ECLSS). It is not only about atmospheric pressure, detecting or putting out fires, but also oxygen levelConcretely, this allows I live outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Sean MacLeod, Director of Aviation Development at CollinsHe adds that this agreement relates to Stay in orbit for a long time. What’s more Planning missions “instructed” by the client.

potential customers

If the identity of the customer is not revealed, it will likely be revealed. Axiom Space is an American company specializing in the fields of aerospace engineering and spaceflight.

In fact, the mysterious client company could be behind this request. Private flight to the International Space Station (ISS)and plans to build His own space station.. The company also announced that it will send “”The first private mission in history” Board the International Space Station in early 2022.

In early 2022, the crew of Axiom I will live, work and study on the International Space Station, the first civilian mission in history.

In 2024, the launch of the first commercial destination in space will begin.

Look at another month’s progress towards both.

August 24, 2021

case is not isolated

says Sean MacLeod, Director of Business Development at Collins Aerospace This agreement is not the first Environmental and Continuity Management System (ECLSS). The company sells to a company or individual.

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What is more, Dave McClure, Vice President and General Manager ISR Services and Space Solutions at Collins Aerospace Select the following:

“” This contract will be renewed Post Collins In cooperation with the public and private sectors In the near future, space travelers will be able to work and have fun. “.

If you liked this article, you will probably want to know more. This crazy project is from China Those who proceed to build worth a ship star Wars..

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