Teach 1,600 experiments for the first year of a new European synchrotron

Teach 1,600 experiments for the first year of a new European synchrotron

The ESRF, the European Synchrotron in Grenoble, celebrates a year of operations with its new, brighter radioactive source in the world, which has enabled 1,600 experiments useful to advance knowledge, for example in the fields of living organisms and human organisms, especially in the environment.

A year ago, the ESRF commissioned a new concept of a high-energy synchrotron (ESRF-EBS), which results in the world’s brightest synchrotron light. The project represents an investment of €150 million, over the period 2015-2022, funded by the Fund’s 22 partner countries.

The new synchrotron is inspiring many research projects around the world. With its 100-fold performance, EBS has opened new horizons for X-ray science, pushing the boundaries of exploration of living materials and materials at both the microscopic and atomic levels. “The first results of imaging human organs from patients with COVID-19, obtained with EBS, evoke feelings similar to those found in the discovery of the first analytical anatomical studies of Leonardo da Vinci in the early 15th century!”, says Francesco Seit, ESRF Managing Director.

Over the past year, at least 1,600 scientific trials have been conducted by international teams. To celebrate a year of operation and science, the ESRF is posting five video images of scientists, all developing new research projects thanks to the performance of the new ESRF-EBS synchrotron: https://youtu.be/1C-kLi-RHC8

  • Paul Tavoro: Producing 3D images of fossils and human organs in great detail
  • Alexandra Baccuriano: Mapping brain circuits down to the level of the synapses
  • Daniel de Sanctis: Studying proteins to address the biomedical and environmental challenges of our society
  • Angelica Rosa: Understanding the formation processes of planets and exoplanets
  • Hiram Castillo Michel: Studying the future of nanomaterials in the environment
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