This little novelty will help you navigate your conversations better

This little novelty will help you navigate your conversations better

WhatsApp announced the arrival of pinned messages in its application to better find important old messages.

Pinned messages arrive on WhatsApp // Source: WhatsApp

This is a fairly practical function for managing long and quick discussions with many people that WhatsApp has announced. According to what was reported by the American website the edgeGroup introductory messages indicated that it would now be possible to pin messages to easily find them later.

In recent years, this functionality has become more popular and has reached various messaging applications such as Discord, Slack or even Messenger, the other messaging application from the Meta group. So it makes sense that you in turn access WhatsApp. Concretely, this function of pinned messages will allow, for example, to highlight the address of a meeting place in order to easily find it on the said day, instructions to keep in mind or anything that might be important and risk getting lost after dozens of subsequent messages.

Very easy to use function

As mentioned the edgeHowever, the messaging functionality installed on WhatsApp comes with some limitations. For example, messages can remain pinned for one day, seven days, or at most thirty days. A way to prevent messages from remaining pinned long after they have expired. To pin a message, users will need to hold their finger on it for a few seconds before selecting the three small dots at the top right of the screen, then the “ pin After that, pinned messages can be found directly at the top of the screen.

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For conversations with multiple participants, WhatsApp will also allow admins to decide who will have the right to pin messages, to avoid saving too many messages and making them difficult to navigate. They have two options: administrators alone or any user.

The Pinned Messages functionality should arrive very soon for all users. WhatsApp indicates that deployment of the feature has already begun.

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