How to get a glider in LEGO Fortnite

How to get a glider in LEGO Fortnite

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The glider is one of the most important items in LEGO Fortnite and owning one can make your survival adventure a lot easier. Here’s how to get it.

LEGO Fortnite is one of the most exciting modes in Epic Games’ Battle Royale game. And the developers want to keep it safe. In less than a week, the number of players in this mode has already surpassed the overall statistics for Season OG.

As players embark on a survival adventure by creating complex worlds and inventing new designs, there are a number of LEGO Fortnite items that can come in very handy. In addition to food, weapons, and shelter, owning a glider is essential.

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However, it is not easily accessible in LEGO Fortnite. A glider can help you navigate between biomes while maintaining your stamina and gives you the adrenaline rush that comes from jumping from a height and gliding through your own world.

So, here’s how to make and get a glider in LEGO Fortnite.

To unlock the glider in LEGO Fortnite, simply follow these steps:

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  1. Loom construction Using 9x softwood, 9x softwood rod, and 6x sand claw.
  2. Get silk from spider By going to the meadows.
  3. Get wool from sheep Go to the snowy biome.
  4. Put the silk and wool into the loom For making silk thread and wool thread.
  5. Use the loom again to Manufacture of silk and woolen fabric.
  6. Stack softwood bars It will open the glider blueprint in the equipment menu.
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Once that’s all ready, head over to your Workbench and make sure it’s upgraded to high level.

Epic Games

The glider plan is very simple because it only uses three objects. Now that you have your glider blueprint, you’ll need the following items to craft it:

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  • 8x smooth wooden rod
  • 4x fleece fabric
  • 6 x silk fabric

Once you have your glider designed, simply equip it in your inventory. Once equipped, go to higher ground and jump. Then deploy the glider and move freely to cover more ground, making it easier to explore your world.

For more guides and information about LEGO Fortnite mode, check out the Fortnite section of our website.

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