This is the smartphone that questions the smartphone

This is the smartphone that questions the smartphone

This is the phone that opposes smartphones. Minimal Phone is an Android smartphone designed to deliver the best efficiency and simplicity.

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The smartphone has become an essential element in our daily lives, but its ubiquity is not unanimous. To answer this dilemma, startup Minimal offers an alternative: the Minimal Phone. The company behind this product has a slogan that will undoubtedly speak to you: Simple Phone – Live more, scroll less.

This smartphone is distinguished by its simplicity: it is equipped with a keyboard, probably Capacitive, digital ink and e-ink screen. Therefore, this phone is distinguished by its simple style, as it aims to provide only basic functions.

Our e-ink display is easy on the eyes, reduces fatigue and promotes restful sleep. It's designed to discourage prolonged social media use, while still being ideal for basic tasks like email and texting.

announced Andrei Yukhana, founder of Minimal On Reddit This project will be financed through crowdfunding. This campaign is scheduled to launch in February 2024. With great interest already, Andrei Yukhana hopes to produce the necessary 3,000 units. The phone costs $400, or about 370 euros.

Source: minimum

It's a small smartphone. The Minimal phone's dimensions are 120 x 72 x 10 mm, with an almost square display. The keyboard under the screen feels capacitive rather than mechanical, but with tactile feedback. The battery is 4000 mAh but without details about autonomy. Camera included, 5G compatibility not guaranteed. As you can see, the technical details remain unclear, and a final prototype is not available.

On Android, Minimal Phone will integrate a custom UI, MenmalosYou should expect a simple user experience. Andrei Yukhana mentions the use of some third-party apps, such as car-sharing services and Uber for example, but the goal is to limit digital overload.

With Google Apps?

However, users can download other apps through the Play Store. This point also raises questions about the agreement with Google related to compatibility with the simple vision of the phone. In theory, this requires a Google license, with a number of Google apps pre-installed. This point also contradicts the claim that the Minimal Phone will collect little data.

In short, a lot of questions, but an interesting project. We'll know more during and after the fundraiser.

Moreover, it is far from being the first concept of its kind. We remember Light phonewhose description is very close.


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