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When the GTA 6 trailer was released recently, although it was a bit early thanks to footage leaked online, it became one of the most viewed trailers in record time. Fans who have been waiting since 2013 to get a first look at a new Grand Theft Auto game turned out in droves to see the first trailer for the upcoming game, getting GTA fans excited. The only downside is that Rockstar Games has confirmed that the game won't be available until 2025. With the trailer released in December last year, there's a full year (and possibly more) left before fans can expect to see the game released. . In the meantime, this leaves fans with the small task of dissecting the trailer and speculating about what will be in the game, and one of the main points that GTA fans like to talk about is the size of the map. What can we see from the images of the new GTA 6 map?

When the GTA 6 trailer was released in December, fans rushed to get their first look at the upcoming game. Looking at the GTA 6 Reddit, there are many speculations and rumors one can delve into, and sometimes GTA fans go even further. In their deep analysis. However, a user calling himself u/PrinceSnivy24 was quick to post the latest map update from DuPz0r, who has been providing speculative renders of the map for the past few months. The game has been confirmed to be set in the state of Leonida and will be a return to the much-loved Vice City setting. However, it's the surroundings compiled by Dupz0r that have left many fans on the GTA 6 subreddit wondering what could take up the space and what other cities we could see in the game.

Many fans commented on the airport's location on the map and found it nice to see it indoors, whereas in other games it would be located near water. One fan pointed out that the Miami airport is located inland, and since Vice City is located in Miami, it makes sense to accommodate this accuracy in the map. With another airport on the western side of the speculative map, some fans are wondering if there could be another airport somewhere to the north. Theories suggest that it may be similar to the Orlando airport located north of Miami, and there may be a city representing that that players could encounter.

Looking at the map, some fans speculate that the darker shades of green are meant to represent cities, while others comment on leaks indicating missions in the Bermuda Triangle. With the cluster of islands off the coast of Vice City, it would make sense that this would be there, marking where the Bermuda Triangle currently sits off the coast of Miami. If this speculative map is a GTA 6 map, it's going to be huge! It's clear that the impressive scale of GTA 6 will be larger than anything seen in previous titles, and fans can't wait to find out.

Speculation and rumors surrounding the franchise are always a source of excitement as its release approaches, and with the latest installment of this popular franchise, it's expected to be the GOTY of 2025. But what do you think of the latest news for GTA 6? Are you excited to see how big the map is for the upcoming game? Contact us and leave us a comment below. Follow us for more entertainment coverage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Was this article useful to you? Thank you for your feedback!

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