This is the healthy plant whose beautiful flowers never die

This is the healthy plant whose beautiful flowers never die

The presence of flowering, colorful and fragrant balconies and gardens is the desire of many. That is why, besides roses, hydrangeas and geraniums, some special and sought-after plants should be grown. for example, This beautiful flower smells like chocolate or again This succulent plant is in the shape of a rose.

But let’s not forget that in the garden you can also find spontaneous, beautiful and very fragrant plants. Such is the case of this small shrub native to southern Europe that grows throughout the Mediterranean basin. It is spread in Italy in the southern region and on the islands.

This is the healthy plant whose beautiful flowers never die

Today we at ProiezionidiBorsa want to talk about itHelichrysum italicum or Italian helichrysum. Very resistant plant, rich in stems, reaching a height of about 30 cm. In the language of flowers, helichrysum is associated with the meaning of eternal love and sun worship.

The most noticeable thing about this plant is its flowers. Small, round, special, blooms all summer until fall. They are collected in yellow inflorescences and give off a very strong fragrance.

helichrysum takes the name “eternal” because its flower, when cut for a long time, does not lose its brilliant color giving the impression that it never fades. Indeed, here is a health-friendly plant whose beautiful flowers never die.

Perfect flower for home decoration and beautification. exactly like These cut flowers that require no water or care, are perfect for those without a green thumb.

For healthy growth and well-being, helices need a sunny position and little watering. It needs a temperate climate and does not tolerate extreme temperatures. Indeed, during the winter months we have to mulch the soil to protect its roots from frost and snow. Moreover, fertilization is not required and pruning is only necessary to get rid of dry parts.

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Useful Features

But why is this plant considered health-friendly? Helichrysum is used for medicinal and phytotherapy purposes. It appears to have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, expectorant and balsamic properties. The flowering tops are rich in flavonoids, and are used in cases of allergies, coughs and colds. Essential oils are indicated for skin regeneration and elimination of skin blemishes. Finally, helichrysum injections are useful in case of digestive disorders and treatment of seasonal diseases.

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