Grusha_cos 2B cosplay is full of magic -

Grusha_cos 2B cosplay is full of magic –

2B It remains one of the most popular characters, not only among gamers but also among cosplayers from all over the world who over the years have delighted us with numerous versions of the protagonist of the RPG Nier Automata. What we suggest today is grrusha_cos cosplay It is really full of magic.

With cosplay 2B, grrusha_cos showcases a very sexy original costume in a decidedly enchanting pose, highlighting the cosplayer’s curves. He will surely get the approval of the good Yoko Taro, crazy as a great game designer and father of Nier Automata. Laughlin photography and scenography selection should also be applauded, with the statuary and predominant white creating a decidedly appropriate contrast to the 2B’s black outfit. But no more chatter, here’s the grosha_cos cosplay in all its glory:

If you are a fan of Nier Automata, you can never miss A2 cosplay by raine_cosplay which is highly inspired and 2B cosplay made with Deathtakesprecedence that is full of class.

Completely changing the genre, we recommend the electro-acting of Raiden Shogun signed by roxanne.kho and the cosplay of Aerith from Final Fantasy 7 in an exciting Red Cross version made by peachmilky_. How not to mention Resident Evil’s Ada Wong cosplay by roxanne.kho who’s ready for action.

What do you think, you enjoyed 2B cosplay full of magic generated by the grosha_cos model? Let us know in the comments below.

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