This is how you bypass bans on the Internet

This is how you bypass bans on the Internet

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from: Linus Brin

ORF tag at the Vienna Broadcasting Center (glyph). © Sascha Steinach / IMAGO

If you want to watch ORF in Germany, you usually fail because of “geo-blocking”. However, there is a cheap solution to the problem: VPN.

Munich – that Program from ARD and ZDF Not only is it available linearly, but it can also be accessed in Germany in the media library. In addition, programs can also be followed on the Internet via live broadcasts. This makes it possible to enjoy the programme, be it news, entertainment or sports, from places other than home. But what about ORF?

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation also offers a wide-ranging programme, which, except for border areas, is not available in Germany. Media library viewing and live streaming are also there, at least in theory.

Watch ORF in Germany: Watch the European League and Formula 1 live

Especially in terms of sports presentation, the ORF is German public broadcaster in nothing yet. On the contrary: Football fans can watch the UEFA Europa League live on ORF 1, such as computer image mentioned. In Germany, this will not be possible and will have to be subscribed to a paid streaming service. The Austrian counterpart also offers Formula 1 live, just like in Germany. All matches during the World Cup in Qatar can also be watched on ORF and Servus TV. Even though Servus TV is a private radio station, the Austrians were still able to stream the games for free.

Look at the ORF in Germany: that’s why it doesn’t work

Like the German public service provider, ORF uses encryption to control the IP addresses of visitors. Unsurprisingly, access to the software requires an IP address from Austria. Most Germans can’t show it. This common method, which is used by ORF, is called “geo-blocking”. IP addresses contain country and provider identifiers, eg computer image Writes. However, if you have an IP address from the Austrian address space, access to the ORF program will also be possible.

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Watch ORF in Germany: this is how it can work

to access the ORF, Do you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network). With this you get an IP address from Austria. The VPN then accesses the stream on behalf of the user and sends it to the end device of the user who is using it. There is a large selection of VPNs that can be easily downloaded to a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It should be noted, however, that this is not free. Once downloaded, the VPN is very easy to use and of course also allows you to connect to other countries except Austria. There is currently no legal agreement on whether or not circumventing geo-blocking with a VPN is legal, which also means it’s not prohibited. (LL)

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