This is his new heart project

This is his new heart project


Prince Harry, 37, is using one of his rare TV shows to promote a new Heart project. The Leaked King made a special announcement on New Zealand TV: In the future, a father of two will support a project focused on sustainable travel. For the advertising campaign, the 37-year-old did not go viral and traveled to New Zealand, where he showcased his acting skills. whether is Duchess Meghan’s wife (40) Did you study it? You can see how Prince has mastered himself as an ad actor in the video above.

Sustainable travel in New Zealand

In addition to appearing in the commercial, which aired on New Zealand’s Maori TV channel, the 37-year-old recorded a video message from his California home. The new project from Travalyst, Harry’s travel initiative launched in 2019, aims to make sustainable tourism more popular and accessible. “We are always asked to give feedback on our travels and experiences, but what would happen if our vacation ranked us?”

In addition, “This is an important question and we want all of you to help us answer it.” The initiative’s first project focuses on New Zealand and aims to work with New Zealand’s indigenous people, Maori, as well as experts and tour operators in the country to learn how to do sustainable travel while respecting local culture, environment and practices.

The heart of nature and wildlife

Harry He stresses the importance of learning from Maori sustainable living practices: “Every year, more and more of us want better opportunities and for the first time Travalyst strives to make it happen for anyone who wants to support local communities and take care of nature and wildlife.” Furthermore: “With our first campaign We want to encourage people to change the text.” The Duke has visited the country on several occasions in the past and traveled with Meghan on behalf of the Crown in October 2018. Today he no longer represents the British royal family, but rather the values ​​he represents. (Vineyard)

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