This golden Pokémon Go Arena is really impressing players

This golden Pokémon Go Arena is really impressing players

Gaston Cooney

The Pokémon Go community was quite impressed with the themed gym roster, which includes five shiny members and a sixth rare.

Since Pokémon Go launched in July 2016, gyms have become an essential part of gameplay. Its main function is to allow players to collect PokéCoins which can then be used to purchase additional storage space, Raid Passes, and more.

The most effective way to use gyms is to follow proper etiquette and remove opposing Pokemon after only eight hours. This increases PokéCoin gains for all participants while saving Trainers the hassle of healing their Pokémon.

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However, many players don't just use gyms to collect PokéCoins, they see them as an opportunity to show off.

The yellow-themed gym menu is teasing Pokémon Go fans

A Pokémon Go player created an impressive gym roster with others, even though it wasn't planned and even though they didn't know the other trainers involved.

The joint post, which received more than 1,900 upvotes, said: “Our yard’s theme alignment is aesthetically pleasing, and makes me incredibly happy.”with a yellow-themed menu legend attached in Team Instinct Arena.

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This awesome set includes shiny Grodrive, shiny Excellangue, shiny Charmander, shiny Azumarill, shiny Tenefix, and the common but still rare Gromago. The Coin Entity Pokémon is currently banned and can only be obtained through specific methods.

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Other players expressed their admiration for the lineup and described it as… “One of the best themed arenas I've ever seen”And insist on that “It's unbelievable. I would never attack him again.”

Another coach commented: “Everyone got the memo”That's when the OP revealed that he didn't even know the other coaches “I never talked to them online or in person.”which makes this highly coordinated alignment even more impressive.

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These gym formations don't always work, as another trainer's group of Evolutions was destroyed by a stray Fire-type Pokémon.

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