Photos of Miss France 2024 have been turned into a cryptocurrency scam on social networks

Photos of Miss France 2024 have been turned into a cryptocurrency scam on social networks

As is often the case, cybercriminals use images of famous personalities to steal data, infect your devices, or even take money from you. Newly elected Miss France 2024, Yves Gilles, has already seen her photo used in fraudulent ads being broadcast on Facebook and Instagram for several days, with the aim of defrauding Internet users who are not vigilant enough.

spotted before NomeramaThese scams on Meta's social networks seek to convince users to use a cryptocurrency trading site to extract their money by directing them to fake newspaper articles with overly catchy headlines.

An example of a scam spotted by Numerama.

The IT and digital news website in particular reported on scams indicating that the broadcast by Yann Bart, Anne-Clair Coudray and Leah Salama had to be “boycotted by the authorities,” but “it was already too late, because Yves Gilles had told everything.” actually” “.

A photo of Virginie Efira was also used

There are many other versions of scams according to which Miss France 2024 said “shut up” or “how dare you” to the presenters exist on social networks. the goal ? Make internet users click through and redirect them to a site promoting cryptocurrency banking by pretending to be well-known news outlets like Libération or Le Monde.

These well-known fake media sites claim that Yves Gilles has discovered a miraculous investment platform with high returns thanks to cryptocurrencies, accompanied by a link to this fraudulent trading site that was created to steal the banking data of its visitors.

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Numerama claims that these ads with Miss France 2024 have been viewed more than 100,000 times some and that the majority of them passed under Meta's radar. However, the American giant claims that content that attempts to scam money is systematically deleted.

According to our colleagues, these convincing advertisements are still active on social networks this Wednesday, and they even use the image of other stars, such as Virginie Efira.

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