This elected official who opposes the right to abortion helped his partner get an abortion

This elected official who opposes the right to abortion helped his partner get an abortion

Richard Holtorf, Republican-elect from Colorado (United States) and candidate for a representative seat in the US Congress, confirmed on Thursday during a television interview that he helped his girlfriend to have an abortion. He explains that in 2020, he sponsored a measure to prevent abortion in his state after 22 weeks of pregnancy HuffPost.

This politician, who presents himself as a “pro-life Catholic,” said: “I respected his rights and gave him money to help him get through this important and critical period.” This was answered by journalist Kyle Clark, host of the “Next with Kyle Clark” program, by asking why other women did not have the right to abortion while his partner was granted that. “Did she have that right? Yes. Was that my choice, Kyle?” No, Richard Holtorf answered.

Defenders of choice are against those who live life

During the interview, the politician repeatedly cited the idea of ​​“choice” while in public debates he specifically rejected this possibility of deciding on abortion candidates, opposing the concept of “life.”

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He also mentioned “exceptions”. Kyle Richard did not fail to point out this paradox. “Is there an exception when Richard Holtorf is the father?” the journalist asked his interlocutor.

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The latter replied: “It's not about me.” Don't personalize this or talk about me. It's a story. It's not that important. More important is politics. » Holding elections to appoint members of Congress next November. To participate, Richard Holtorf will have to beat one of his five challengers in the Republican primary.

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