This company has thrived since its employees chose their managers!

This company has thrived since its employees chose their managers!

After the four-day week, will we witness a small management revolution within companies? This Japanese company could have launched a movement by changing its classic hierarchical organization: for five years now, employees have chosen their managers, and the benefits to the company have been impressive.

Sakura Kozo, a consulting companystructural engineerstructural engineer The company, based in Hokkaido, northern Japan, created this new management system in 2019. At the time, the Japanese company faced a turnover rate of about 11%, according to the Japanese public broadcaster. NHK. Staff turnover is extremely high leading to fears of the worst for Sakura Kozo in a country with a major labor shortage.

The group therefore decided to rethink its management to retain the loyalty of its approximately 120 employees. Once a year, Sakura Kozo employees are invited to complete a questionnaire in which they rate their line managers on 14 criteria. In particular, they judge their ability to take into account their subordinates' concerns or their knowledge-sharing skills.

Managers conduct their own self-examination by completing a self-assessment sheet. All company employees then receive a report detailing each supervisor's qualities and weaknesses. They can then choose which of them they would like to work with over the next twelve months.

Younger generations are maintained by this system

The idea may seem ridiculous, but it is doordoor Its fruits. Staff turnover has now fallen to less than 1%, according to NHK. The Japanese company's employees are generally satisfied with this new internal policy. “It's true that it's a bit difficult to rate someone poorly. But it's for the good of everyone. It's easier.” [de choisir son n+1] “When you have something tangible you can rely on.”One of them announced to the Japanese public channel.

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Choosing your own manager not only allows you to reverse traditional hierarchical relationships, but also allows you to create a better atmosphere in the company. Because younger generations of employees are particularly sensitive to their professional environment. For them, the office is not just a place to work. Above all, it is a place where they want to flourish in the presence of their colleagues. As the review indicates Harvard Business Review, “Loyalty to the company is no longer linked to the fear of losing a job, but rather to the desire to be happy at work.”.

There is no doubt that young professionals stay in a job where they do not feel satisfied. They do not hesitate to resign if they discover a defect in their workplace, especially if they have poor relations with their manager. Intransigence, of which Japanese companies bear the brunt. In fact, one in ten young employees leave their jobs within a year of being hired, while 30% do so within three years, according to figures from the Japanese Ministry of Labor cited by NHK. Maybe they would stay longer with an employer if they were offered an n+1 choice.

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