This alcoholic drink is good for the health of the intestinal flora ... and science says it!

This alcoholic drink is good for the health of the intestinal flora … and science says it!

An alcoholic beverage as much appreciated as it is criticized, beer (when consumed in moderation, of course) isn’t as bad for your health as you might think. So it is definitely one of the most calorie-containing types of alcohol. Because a 33cl beer is the same as a can of Coca-Colaconfirming that the beer belly is definitely not a myth.

What if beer was actually a healthy ally?

However, a recent study by researchers from the University of Lisbon in Portugal has been carried out and transmitted neonBack to The unexpected benefits of beer on our bodies.

In order to conduct their research, the scientists followed a team of 22 men, who had to drink 33 cl of “lager” beer (fermented blond at the bottom), with or without alcohol, every day for a month.

At the end of this experiment, it turned out that this regular consumption of beer was Positive effects on the gut microbiota : “Beer increased the diversity of the intestinal flora, which was associated with positive health outcomes, and tended to increase faecal alkaline phosphatase activity”link the experts in their report.

But beware, alcohol has nothing to do with it, because they are in fact The yeasts in beer, also called polyphenols To whom do we owe these amazing results? And for good reason, these organic molecules also found in vegetables are involved in the good balance of microorganisms in the gut. This makes you want to allow yourself a little more, but always in moderation!

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