Space: Will a sunspot threaten the Earth?

Space: Will a sunspot threaten the Earth?

For several weeks, the sun’s activity has been on the rise. However, sunspots are attracting attention due to their already large size, which continues to increase. Referring directly to Earth, is there any concern about this spot?

It is nicknamed AR3038. Says towering sunspots facing the Earth to grow Our colleagues from Futura Sciences. A phenomenon that at first glance may seem worrisome because an increase in size can lead to a solar flare.

But scientists want to be reassured, since then “Area gain is part of the natural evolution of sunspots over their life span, which can be weeks or even months.‘, they explain.

Only 10% risk

Even if anxiety is still present in the face of this spot, the risk remains very low. According to some scientists, this will be only 10%. However, this risk can be as high as 30% in the event of a medium-sized solar flare.

Of modest size, the AR3038 does not indicate any particular danger to Earth nowadays, as this type of stain is still common, especially in this period of the sun’s cycle.

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