XIII. La Nouvelle-Zélande et l’Australie refusent de participer à la prochaine Coupe du Monde

Thirteenth. New Zealand and Australia refuse to participate in the upcoming World Cup

It was a real thunder bombardment in the world of rugby league. Australia, world champion and New Zealand They announced that they will not take the next trip world Cup From rugby to the thirteenth. This edition must be made in England Between October 23 and November 27, 2021. The decision comes in the wake of threats, now in place, that have become regular from the two federations to withdraw from the competition for health reasons if it is not postponed. The Rugby World Cup organizers said in an official statement that the withdrawal of Australians and New Zealanders was “disappointing”.

More than just title contenders, the New Zealanders and especially the Australians are the world leaders in rugby league. They alone have 12 global awards, 11 for Australia and one for the kiwi (in 2008), over 15 copies. The others are owned by the United Team of Great Britain, who will play as an independent nation for this edition. Thus, if it is not postponed, the 2021 edition of the first competition of rugby league will have no training for a world champion in its ranks. Moreover, the last time a country other than the two oceanic giants won this cup, was in … 1972, during the competition held in France. In spite of everything, this news also makes people happy. In fact, thanks to this package, England have a chance to win their first world title, moreover! The Fiji They will also have some cards to play this fall.

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