SailGP Cdiz: King Felipe VI of New Zealand presents the Juan Sebastien Elcano Cup

SailGP Cdiz: King Felipe VI of New Zealand presents the Juan Sebastien Elcano Cup


10/08/2021 –

TheFormula 1 has already been launched to sea in Cdiz Bay. New Zealand prevailed in The Juan Sebastian de Elcano Cup, which was an appetizer for what awaits us this weekend. Together with the United States, who finished second, and Spain who finished third, they paid tribute to the sailor from Getaria who completed the first round of the World Tour 500 years later. F50 Victoria was piloted by Jordi Xammar for the first time and alongside him, as a tactician, was Andrea Emone, the first Spanish woman to compete in the SailGP. Cdiz will become the first Grand Prix in which women will compete. On Saturday and Sunday, in the official regattas, Phil Robertson will be the leader once again as the Catalan continues to learn to take charge in the future after focusing on the Olympic 470 campaign that culminated in his bronze award in Tokyo. “It’s a very complicated boat to sail and you don’t have to rush,” he admitted this morning on MARCA Radio.

King Felipe VI was responsible for awarding New Zealand the award as the winner at the same regatta where the SailGP Spanish Grand Prix will be held tomorrow.It is located in front of the Paseo de Santa Barbara in Cdiz. The King, who was a Barcelona 92nd Olympian in the Souling class with Fernando Lin and Alfredo Vazquez, is currently the captain of Evos, a boat that traditionally takes part in the King’s Cup in Palma de Mallorca.

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Kiwi domination from start to finish

New Zealand, led by its great national star Peter Burling, has made a show of his strength since the start of the Juan Sebastien de Elcano Cup. He took the lead from the same streak and gave no choice even to the F50 Victoria that came in second The third was the United States with Jimmy Spiethl who left prematurely and was punished. As testing progressed, the advantage for New Zealanders increased.

In addition to the debuts of Jordi Xammar and Andrea Emone, the team completed Florian Tritel, Diego Boten, Joan Cardona and Joel Rodriguez.

“I’m very happy. And even more so because I’m able to do it at Cdiz and with the group of friends who started the Red Bull Youth America in Bermuda”Piper admitted after his first appearance. “I recently saw Spithill and Tuke from home, and today I got to meet them. This is a dream come true,” he concluded, “I saw it was a lot easier when I commented on SailGP on TV, but the truth is it’s cool.”

I recently saw Spithill and Tuke from home, and today I got to meet them; It’s a dream come true

Jordi Pilot Pilot Spanish Ship

Spain, the United States and New Zealand were representatives of the union of three continents – Europe, America and Oceania – through which that first expedition passed around the planet. which left Seville and ended up in Sanlcar de Barrameda (Cdiz).

The Spanish F50 Victoria, in the Juan Sebastien Elcano Cup.Ricardo Pinto / SailGP

Cdiz dreams of seeing the first victory of the F50 Victoria

Spain want to win their first win of the season – Cadiz is the sixth round – at home. He has already reached two finals (Taranto and Saint-Tropez). In the general classification the differences are insignificant. Spain is fifth in the SailGP Championship, just four points behind the United States and Australia, and second and third respectively and six behind leaders Japan (37).

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The chiefs who passed through the press room at Cdiz laid down first thing in the morning The F50 Victoria is the favorite to win the Grand Prix of Spain. As if it was a great scene for Ben Ainslie and Nathan Outteridge y Rome Kirby.

“We feel a great responsibility. We worked all week, and in Saint-Tropez even though we had a good result, we have to keep improving and Achieving the great goal of reaching the final race in San Francisco. We have changed a few things that we think will bring us improvement‘,” Florian Trettle admits.

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