They wanted to save the bees, and they found 6000 of them in the wall of their house - Edition du soir Ouest-France

They wanted to save the bees, and they found 6000 of them in the wall of their house – Edition du soir Ouest-France

Concerned about preserving pollinating insects, an American couple decided to grow plants to attract them to their garden. Worked beyond their expectations. About 6000 bees resided in their homes…Problem: They have lodged in the wall of their home.

(Map: Western France)

Flying to help bees and other pollinating insects, this was the utopian idea of ​​this couple from Omaha (Nebraska), in the United States. Americans Thomas and Marlowe Gutierre decided to plant plants popular with bees and foragers in their garden, but not everything went as they imagined, a local newspaper reported this week. Omaha World Herald. The flowers in question attracted insects, but for more than just a reason. About 6000 bees took over the building. The concern is that the majestic colony has lodged in the brick wall of their century-old home.

To attract bees to their garden, they plant suitable flowers that these insects love. (Illustrative photo: Thierry Creux/Ouest-France Archive)

We heard them hum.

“Put your ear to the wall, you can hear a hum”, He told the American daily Thomas Gutierre. However, the couple did not immediately understand what was actually happening.

It was the astonishing number of bees flying in front of their kitchen windows and one of the rooms upstairs that put them on alert. The discovery of about thirty specimens in a room on the second level of their residence completely removed doubts. The bees had to intervene inside his house via the heating system.

Bees set up their colony in the walls of the house. (Image caption: Pixabay)

Experts to save the colony

But Thomas and Marlowe did not panic. “They locked the bedroom door and thought what they were going to do,” The American journalist writes in the article. They could have chosen the simplest and most common solution: summon a beekeeper to eliminate the swarm buzzing in their walls.

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But given the importance of bees to pollination and biodiversity conservation, the Gautiers chose a less radical option. They summoned two beekeepers, members ofOmaha Pei Cluban association that works to save bees and supports beekeeping in the Omaha metropolitan area.

displaced bees

Paying $600, the intervention was to make a hole in the wall of the room and suck the bees without harming them, to drive them out and put them in a transport box. Three nests about 5 cm thick and 23 cm in diameter were behind the barrier. Then a beekeeper, who estimated the number of bees at 6000, took them to his farm. But before that, pairs of bees who protect the bees are allowed to sample the honey the colony produces in their home.

With a sense of accomplishment, Thomas and Marlowe did not fail to tell their loved ones about this amazing adventure. However, it was not exceptional, according to beekeepers, who told US media that they have repeatedly displaced colonies in homes, apartments or barns in the area. During their last intervention in another house in the area, no later than last May, he found 15,000 bees!

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