The police waited at 1:30 to intervene, and the classroom was not closed

The police waited at 1:30 to intervene, and the classroom was not closed

Three minutes after the shooter broke in, 11 police officers arrived At Robb Primary SchoolThey are armed and equipped with bulletproof vests. But their commander waited at 14:14 before ordering an intervention, awaiting reinforcements and a key to open the classroom that was not actually closed. These are the main new elements revealed, on Tuesday, by the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Stephen McCro, who denounced ‘Failure’ law enforcement. He said the decisions made “contradict everything we have learned in the past two decades since the Columbine massacre”.

“Officers are trained, not shooters.”

“The only thing that prevented a group of dedicated officers from entering rooms 111 and 112 was the commander in the position who decided to put the officers’ lives over the lives of children,” he said. Police chiefs at the scene, Pete Arredondo. The officers carried weapons, the children did not. The officers wore bulletproof vests, and the children weren’t. “The agents were trained, not the shooter,” he said again.

Pete Arredondo had maintained that the closed door to the classroom delayed the intervention, an explanation that Stephen Macroe questioned. “He waited for a key that was never needed,” he said. This official had already voiced his objection in the days after the killing, believing that agents should have intervened more quickly.

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