These women will inspire and provide momentum in 2021

These women will inspire and provide momentum in 2021

They break the rules, bring about change and give impetus. The women who will make up the year 2021.

These women will be a game-changer and initiatives that will inspire 2021

Kamala Harris: The first

“While I might be the first woman in this office, I won’t be the last.”And the She initially said as the Vice President-elect and it was no coincidence that she wore white, the symbolic color of the women’s rights movement. When the 56-year-old took office on January 20, she made history: as the first woman, black and Asian American, to hold the position. The challenges that you and President Biden face are immense. However, announcing their teams is already giving reason to believe in a paradigm shift. Mina Harris, the Vice President’s niece, has given birth to the diverse female Communications staff Even the unofficial title “Office I Speak” – referring to the debate in which Harris did not allow Mike Pence to interrupt him. One thing that can be considered certain for the next four years: For many, you will speak with a powerful voice.

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Maja Gobel: Rethinker

Maja Goebel responds briefly to the word “life” when asked what he connects to the future. The 44-year-old political economist and transformation researcher deals with the consequences of unfettered economic growth on climate change and advocates for radical change in favor of a future worth living in. Her book, Rethinking Our World: An Invitation, instantly became a 2020 bestseller. Göpel takes with it the “mix of fatigue and enthusiasm” from the past year. “Before Corona, there was a lot of movement already, but along with this vibration of many things that are taken for granted and everyday patterns, the learning curve was so steep that I was short of breath.” Maja Gobel is not a satisfied interpreter with the world, she is looking for dialogue. Therefore, it derives its courage “from constructive and creative messages from different angles and age groups of the population.” In 2021, it will continue to work on its research center The new institute Work to create a “platform for courageous and systematically designed innovation networks at the service of life and peaceful coexistence”. In other words: the future.

Game Changer 2021 initiators from research to fashion

Photo: Kay Muller

Maya Goebel is an expert in political economy and a researcher in the field of transformation

Benedict of Savoy: Major

Perhaps art historian Benedict of Savoy can be described as anti-Indiana Jones. Rather than amassing sanctuaries from around the world, the 48-year-old is developing concepts for returning art pieces stolen during colonialism from museums to their countries of origin. On behalf of Emmanuel Macron, Savoy, who studies modern art history at the Technical University of Berlin, worked with Senegalese scholar and writer Floyn Sarr to develop a comprehensive plan for the return of African cultural assets from France abroad. Thus the reassessment of European colonialism was pushed forward. Also in this country: In 2020, the Ethnological Museum in Berlin brought back Maori remains to New Zealand. Their souls can now rest – not least thanks to Bénédicte Savoy’s commitment.

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Game Changer 2021 initiators from research to fashion

Foto: Getty Images

Art historian Benedict of Savoy

Avi Coulot: The Child Wonder

She explains on the website: “I am an actor, a programmer, I am committed to technology, lead workshops, and I am committed to social entrepreneurship.” We are technical women. Avi Culott is twelve years old. She started programming when she was seven years old. She is learning – learn! – In two universities. Their Android designs are award-winning. She founded the “Girls into Coding” network – of great girls like her.

Game Changer 2021 initiators from research to fashion

Foto: Women Rock

Avi Coulot

Charlotte Taylor: Insight

It may be due to current circumstances that make Charlotte Taylor’s fairy spaceships special places for longing. A house in the desert, a villa in Malibu, a cave surrounded by valleys – Taylor designed it all on the computer so deceptively real that one immediately desires to transition into the tranquility that it creates. In addition to this digital design, the Brit runs a London-based creative agency with Oscar Piccolo dellostudioWho designs, for example, store collections or productions of pictures. Its graphic prints in comfortable colors are available to everyone. is there anything else? “I am currently working on opening the field of furniture design,” she says hesitantly and admits to being an “obsessed” collector of furniture. “I hope my first collection will be available this year.” A small personal dream is to build your real home. What is allowed to move there is a sense of community and closeness that arose out of the most recent challenges. “The support and fellowship between communities, interests, and nations is truly inspiring.”

Game Changer 2021 initiators from research to fashion


British Charlotte Taylor is a co-owner of a creative agency and a holistic foundation

Tierra Fletcher: The High Flyer

Pink. There she sits, an MIT graduate and rocket technician, and the radio presenter asks her all sorts of questions about whether she was really interested in fighter planes as a girl and whether she was really good at school that at one point said, “ Rockets, that I’ve been dreaming about, I’ve always imagined her in color. Pink… But so far I got it NASA Not yet. “The punch line who is used to a line is considered genius in a region traditionally dominated by men who considered women impossible in their industry. Yes, it is possible for girls to play with airplanes and have a knack for mathematics and decide when they turn eleven to become an aerospace engineer. It is also possible to get the highest score Massachusetts Institute of Technology To graduate from Boeing And eventually, in their mid-twenties, missiles for the NASA To develop that, he will one day fly to Mars. It is possible that Terra Fletcher from Georgia married a man who was just testing these missiles. no kidding.

Game Changer 2021 initiators from research to fashion

Foto: Extension Magazine

Tierra Fletcher

Sinad Burke: Role Model

As a girl, Burke dreamed of working in fashion and changing the world. The Irish woman, who is 1.04 meters tall, born in 1990, has had no role model. Encouraged by her family, she became one herself, starting with TED Talk “Why Design Should Include Everyone” to “Break the Mold”, the recently published book that encourages children to be their heroes.

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Chloe Chow: Sincere

With disarm sensitivity, the director plays movies directly in the middle. Oscar winner Frances McDormand mingled in Zhao “Nomadland” For example among the nomads. This modus operandi may be sufficient to get cash prizes in the past (Goldner black 2020), but not for an Academy Award, let alone an application for a great movie. Zhao can change both things now: you marvel– “Eternal” movie It will be shown in cinemas in 2021 and on the director’s Oscar favorites list, according to Variety, it is number 1.

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Emmanuel Sharpentier and Jennifer Dodna: Nobel Prize Winners

CRISPR – Sounds like breakfast cereals, but it stands for “short, uniformly spaced, multi-spaced repeats” and is a precise tool: using CRISPR / Cas9 technology, as it’s called exactly, genetic material can be cut, modified, and supplemented in plants, animals, and humans. This method was researched and developed by Jennifer Dodna (2nd image) and Emmanuel Sharpentier (1st image below). CRISPR is an accidental discovery. Microbiologist, geneticist and biochemist Sharpentier, who heads the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin, was researching scarlet fever bacteria ten years ago when she discovered a molecule that bacteria use for defense.

On the basis of this molecule, I developed a genetic clipper with Doudna, a molecular biologist at the University of Berkeley. That is why they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in Fall 2020. “This tool has not only revolutionized basic research, but has also resulted in innovations for crops and pioneering medicinal treatments,” the Academy said. Whether it’s more powerful seeds or combating genetic diseases – what was previously time-consuming, expensive and inaccurate is now fast and effective. The two women willingly answer ethical questions about genetic manipulation in humans. As this discussion continues, it is already clear that genetics will split historically from now on: at a time before and after CRISPR / Cas9.

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Cinzia Arosa: the fighter

Senzia Aruza, as in the biography of her German book publisher, deals with ancient metaphysics as well as feminist and Marxist theory. That is to say: Arosa is committed to ensuring that women’s rights do not remain the privilege of the elites and the Western world.

Along with philosophers Nancy Fraser and Teethi Bhattacharya, Professor and Co-Activist New School for Social Research In New York he teaches the book “Feminism.” For 99% – statementBooks by (Posted by Matthes & Seitz). In eleven theses, she calls into question the capitalist structures that reinforce inequality. “We are always told our goal should be to break through the glass ceiling. But no one thinks about the women who stay there and have to clean up the broken pieces. Working-class women, black women and immigrants. We want feminism for the vast majority of women.” The book was published in more than 20 languages. To this limit.

Aminata Bailey: Das Talent

When asked what she would take with her from 2020, Billy replied, “Ten kilos. A lot of motivation.” That says a lot about what defines the 28-year-old: intelligence, honesty, and leadership. When it became clear in Germany last year that Black Lives Matter doesn’t just apply in distant America, the talk shows often feature the usual white suspects. Pelly’s answer: She and journalist Hadnett Tesfai started a live Instagram series called “Reserve a Seat,” in which the two discuss racism with other black people. It was followed by “Deep and Clear” in Ed, Which was the journalist he worked on previously ZDFAnd the ARD And the MTV She gained experience with rapper MoTrip covering the spectrum between politics and pop culture. Bailey draws confidence from the success of Alice Husters and Tobuka Auget. “The fact that they’ve both been getting more attention and attention lately was a ray of hope.” Although, she says, she would like to see more change in reality. Her motivations: Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen the political Aminata Toure. “She is strong, knows what she wants, and asks for it constantly with the right words.” You can also talk about other aminata.

Texts: Marilyn Sorensen, Myriam Stein, Jesko Preese

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This text is an excerpt from the special “Game Changer” in the February 2021 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. You can find the entire article in the printout which Here It can be rearranged as a single issue.

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