These Var companies were testing remote work before Covid... and they're definitely embracing it

These Var companies were testing remote work before Covid… and they’re definitely embracing it

If, for some companies, working from home is new, others have already started the process. In the Professional Council for Provence Wine (CIVP), located in Les Arcs (Var), only employees who live very far away are entitled to it … in small doses.

But since then, due to health standards in the offices, remote work has been partially maintained. “The adaptation was fast. çWe have pushed towards more intersection between services, Explains Brice Emard, General Manager. We have learned to work differently. These new working methods are rather interesting. We made wine master classes remotely, by sending samples in advance, which allowed us to reach more people at the same time than usual.”

“Less travel and simpler organization”

As evidence of this, discussions with employee representatives should go in this direction. “A good part is a lot more demanding, as this leads to less travel and simpler organization. This balance suits us, abound. The results of this experiment give you confidence.” Breakthrough without giving up the routine to go to the office.

Away from the business world, the concept appeals to departments. The inter-municipal association Cœur du Var tried this out in 2018. The following year, action was taken. And so, every week, customers who want it, and whose job allows it, take their cell phones and computers to call from their homes.

It seems that those who have tried it have adopted it

“It is rewarding because we are one of the rare administrations that actually carried out the process. There is a concept of trust between the administration, the agents and the politicians, Catelyn Trani, Head of Communications and Digital notes. Everyone is doing equally well.”

Less stress related to transportation, less hassle at their workstation, better organization of their day and more independence were among the positive outcomes highly praised by employees.

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In this transition, not all structures may be able to adapt in practice, such as the equipment budget. But those who tested it seemed to embrace it, at least in moderation.

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