Feel Mouthguards for England and New Zealand players

Feel Mouthguards for England and New Zealand players

The women’s teams in England and New Zealand will wear impact-measuring mouthguards for upcoming matches. The two teams are set to face each other twice: Sunday in Exeter and November 7 in Northampton.

Specially designed mouthguards, made by US company Prevent Biometrics, will collect data when players hit others or the ground. They will also record effects that do not directly involve the head. Players will also wear mouthguards during practice sessions.

“Making rugby safer is extremely important and we are happy to help”

Sarah Hunter, 15th England captain

Men’s teams from Leinster (Ireland), Clermont (France) and Benetton (Italy) also employ them. ” Making rugby safer for every player at all levels of play is critical and we are happy to help. English captain Sarah Hunter appreciates.

Simon Kemp, Director of Medical Services for the FA (RFL), said the results obtained ” It will be an important input in developing an understanding of head injury exposure in rugby ».

Among them, Bobby Golding, 49, a former rugby union player, learned in October that he suffers from early dementia and possibly chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative disease diagnosed mainly in athletes who have experienced trauma. Regular in the head.

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