These chip bags are the best according to 60 million consumers – Tuxboard

These chip bags are the best according to 60 million consumers – Tuxboard

60 million consumers have found for you the best chips you can buy in all of France!

Good weather returns Announcing the appetizer season ! And whoever says an appetizer, necessarily says potato chips! Here's the best brand to buy according to 60 million consumers.

The best chips according to 60 million consumers

Good weather has finally returned to France. For many people, it is also an opportunity to meet loved ones and friends.

So appetizer time is a special moment. Among the stars of appetizers, we are clearly potato chips. Crunchy and full of flavour, it's perfect Accompany your cold drinks.

But you still have to choose them carefully. In fact, these little sweets can quickly become dangerous to your health. Especially for those who want to take care of their figure!

Potato chips are sometimes your diet's worst enemies. The good news is that some brands allow you to treat yourself.

To better guide consumers, 60 million consumers have done so Therefore, he was investigated. The association analyzed different brands of chips to find the best ones.

That's why she was interested in some basic criteria. Such as salt content, saturated fatty acids, fiber and protein. According to 60 million consumers, these elements are important for health. But also to ensure a high-quality taste experience while taking care of your health.

Therefore, 60 million consumers studied the composition of the different brands of chips available in France. Here are the expert rankings and the best brands you can choose for your delicious appetizers!

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3 brands in favor

According to 60 million consumers, some chip brands are better than others. Moreover, there is one that stands out in all the categories and comes in at the top of the rankings.

This is the brand's Plain Doritos chips. These chips were admired by a jury of 60 million consumers due to their low content of additives and saturated fatty acids. They also have a food grade of B. which is excellent!

Best of all, these chips contain no food coloring. Therefore, it is the perfect brand to enjoy delicious appetizers without feeling guilty. And you can make homemade mini sauces to accompany them.

On the second step of the platform we find Fico Nature. These classic and natural chips also won over the judges of 60 million consumers. Even though it contains certain additives, it still receives a score of 14 out of 20 and displays a nutritional grade of C. But it has a good nutritional balance in terms of salt content and saturated fatty acids.

Finally, there are Pouce d'Auchan chips, which come in third place in the ranking of 60 million consumers. These chips also received a rating of 14 out of 20 and a food grade of C.

To choose the right chips, you should therefore turn to brands whose recipe is not too salty and contain little or no saturated fatty acids. It is important to make the right decision for a healthy and balanced diet. It also allows you to have fun without feeling guilty, while taking care of your well-being.

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Many brands also offer recipes for Baked chips. These contain less fat and may be better for your health. It's up to you to make your choice, taking the recommendations of 60 million consumers into account!

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