How long can your password last?

How long can your password last?

One second to several thousand years depending on the group

Alarmingly, some passwords can be hacked in seconds. According to the annual schedule hifi system, Very simple passwords, i.e. just 4 digits, can be cracked instantlyBecause there are only 10,000 possible combinations. When the combination increases to 5 lower case letters, it only takes 2 minutes for hackers to crack your password, even though there are 11.8 million possible combinations.

To effectively counter hacking attempts, it is necessary to increase the complexity of passwords. A password considered secure must include a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. The more characters in a password, the longer it will take hackers to crack it: A mixed-up 8-character password (such as Ab3d!2#4), for example, could take several weeks, or even several months, before it is cracked. A 9-character password (such as A1b2C3!@#) would take approximately 480 years to crack. For maximum security, choose a 12-character password (for example, Ab!2#Cd3$Ef), which is virtually unbreakable (several thousand years).

Goodbye passwords, hello passkeys

To make sure you don't get hacked, the best option is to use a password manager. Typically offered on online sites, these tools automatically generate strong, unique passwords for each account, eliminating the risk of using weak, repetitive combinations. For added security, adding two-factor authentication provides an additional, nearly impenetrable barrier to hackers.

However, password managers are not foolproof. A new computer security technology is emerging: passwords. They are offered as an alternative to traditional usernames and passwords. how ? By providing authentication via a private key consisting of encrypted data. The security of this key can then be enhanced through a dual identification process such as Face ID, pattern, or your smartphone's PIN. Many platforms offer this method, including Google, Microsoft, and WhatsApp. In other words, passkeys provide better security, as well as a better user experience. So it is certain that this authentication method will become very popular soon. Let's hope hackers don't find a flaw in this system anytime soon…

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