These are the new stars who revealed themselves in Tokyo

These are the new stars who revealed themselves in Tokyo

Before diving into the final weekend of competition, the figaro It takes a look at four athletes who distinguished themselves through their exploits during these Olympic Games.

From our special envoys in Tokyo

American Caleb Dressel (swimming, 5 gold), Australian Emma McKeown (swimming, 4 gold, 3 bronze), South Korean San Ann (shooting, 3′ gold) or New Zealander Lisa Carrington (boat, 3 gold) marked the Tokyo Games with her group Fabulous summer. Accurate and effective. Some young talent managed to find a place of her choice. Souvenirs before diving into the final weekend of competition.

• Ahmed Hefnaoui, The Wave of Tunisian Emotion

The expression on his face at the end of the 400m freestyle will remain as one of the Olympic highlights. The Tunisian made a big surprise. After he touched (in front of Australian Jack McLaughlin and American Kieran Smith), he looked at the giant screen, shocked where he was, time. The story he just wrote. Tunisia has had only one Olympic champion (Osama Mellouli, over 1500m in 2008 in Beijing). to me

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