Five brands that have become popular names

Five brands that have become popular names


Our daily lives are full of things that we call their brands without even realizing it… and there’s a lot more than you might think. We teach you five and I promise you won’t see Peak or Kleenex on this list!

1. Jacuzzi

Originally, this object was created by the two Italian Jacuzzi brothers for a family member with rheumatoid arthritis. So they created a portable, mini hydrotherapy pump that could be used in a classic bathtub: it would have saved his life. Since then, the jacuzzi has entered the language of everyday life and has become a symbol of luxury.

real name : whirlpool.

2. Shopping cart

The case comes from Les Ateliers Réunis Caddy Alsatian, a company that produces wire products. Some models later spawned supermarkets. The term was introduced in 1957 and the company does not hesitate to assert its rights when misused. A word of advice: Always write Caddy in a capital letter!

real name : supermarket trolley.

3. Kiwi

This one, we’re sure you didn’t see coming! Yes, this hairy little fruit from New Zealand isn’t really called a kiwi… Basically, this fruit comes from China and was still called Yang Tao when I arrived in New Zealand. The Zespri brand registered the term kiwi in 1959 as a tribute to the New Zealand bird of the same name.

real name : Chinese gooseberry.

4. Elevator

The escalators we use so often these days are actually pretty old: the first concept was patented in 1892 and the first prototype was installed in 1896 as an attraction in a Coney Island park in the United States. The first models are actually made of wood! Little fun fact: The world’s smallest escalator is located in a shopping mall in Japan with a drop of only 83.4 cm.

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real name : escalator or escalator.

5. Zipper

Zippers are a closed term…the first models arrived in 1893 but they don’t really take off: the company that made them produced them by hand so that only two zippers could be made per day. The term zipper came to the fore in 1924: Eclair Prestil then registered the mark.

real name : Zipper or rack (or zip in Belgium).

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