There’s still a lot to do with ‘Avatar 3’ – but James Cameron can reassure fans – Kino News

There’s still a lot to do with ‘Avatar 3’ – but James Cameron can reassure fans – Kino News

James Cameron is currently in the middle of intense post-production on “Avatar 3,” which he says is extremely stressful. But those who fear that the sequel to “Avatar” will be postponed again can perhaps breathe a sigh of relief.

Disney and its subsidiaries

Countless delays and postponements meant that it took a full 13 years after Avatar – Departure to Pandora for the sequel, Avatar 2: The Way Of Water, to see the light of day. But the long wait did not affect the success. “Avatar 2” was also a huge success, and with an incredible worldwide gross of $2.3 billion, it became the third most successful film of all time (only behind the first “Avatar” film and the Marvel spectacle “Avengers: Endgame”).

This finally paved the way for the three additional “Avatar” sequels that had already been announced. But here too there have been huge shifts. It was only in June 2023 that the studio responsible, Disney, announced that “Avatar 3” would come a year later (in December 2025 instead of December 2024) and that “Avatar 4” and “Avatar 5” would each be delayed by a period of time. Three full years (!).

Given the history of the franchise, the time-consuming effects work, and the fact that there has been no update on the sequels for a while, some people may be concerned about whether the planned theatrical releases will actually go ahead. But at least when it comes to “Avatar 3,” director James Cameron has now confirmed this — even though the movie is extremely complex and exhausting.

“Avatar 3” is coming Christmas 2025

“We’re in the middle of two very busy years of post-production, so it will be released by Christmas 2025.”Cameron explained at this year’s Screen Production and Development Association conference in New Zealand:

In the context of this, the director once again expressed his enthusiasm for the country in which he has been working since 2005 and the development of the first “Avatar” – and does not want to change anything about it until the end of his career. He revealed that he wants to make films in New Zealand “forever” and also wants to obtain New Zealand citizenship in 2024. This also includes any projects after “Avatar 5”. First of all, he has yet to do a sequel to his sci-fi epic for a while.

“Avatar 3” will be released in theaters on December 17, 2023. “Avatar 4” and “Avatar 5” will not be released until December 19, 2029 and December 17, 2031. – Thus, the series ends 22 (!) years after the first part.

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