There will be fewer billboards in public places in Vertu

There will be fewer billboards in public places in Vertu

The number and size of billboards, neon signs…Depending on the sectors, future regulations will regulate and limit the presence of advertisements in public places. © Hebdo de Sèvre et Maine

Metropolitan Council Nantes Working on the implementation of the project local regulations From announcement.

The regulatory tool allows you to monitor and limit the presence of ads in public places.

In general, the program should make it possible to “reduce the presence of billboards by 50% in the territory of virtu Sophie Beauvart, Territory Planning Assistant noted.

What are the limitations?

Among the specific rules: the obligation to turn off illuminated advertisements between midnight and 6 am except for those in passenger shelters.

The bulbs will be removed. This is particularly the case in the case of the illuminated plaque on the Via de la Gare.

The assistant cited as an example “the equipment will be dismantled”.

The regulation also stipulates that advertisements on walls or enclosed on the ground, installed side by side and advertisements on fences or roofs are prohibited.

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Other limitation: Max formatting is 8 PM2. Result: 310 boards of 12m2 You will have to remove it.

Regulations vary by sector. Three regions have been identified in which restrictions have been graded. In the central areas and residential sectors, the possibilities of installing advertising are very limited.

For example, in private property, advertising on the wall is limited to 2 meters2 on the wall of the building.

In mixed areas (activities and housing) and secondary roads, advertising of street furniture up to 8 meters is allowed2.

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The third most flexible region includes commercial and activity areas. Sophie Beauvart welcomed a program that would:

Significantly reduce the presence of billboards and reduce distortion of the landscape and building structure.

Sophie Bouvard

Paintings removed

In Virtu, a working group, made up of elected representatives from various political groups, worked to develop draft local regulations. Yvan Lechevalier, a member of the minority minority group Vertu, “sensitive to the issue of advertising in public space” stepped in to welcome a project that reflected the working group’s prescriptions.

The device will enable to “reduce the size and density of devices, from a surface of 12 to 8 m, or even 2 m”2 To reduce the impact of advertising on our lives,” the elected official commented.

This new regulation will also:

Removing a number of paintings sanctifying the residential sectors. It’s a great thing. While we’re talking about climate inaction, this is a concrete response to a more ecological, more sustainable, more sober city.

Evan Lechevalier

If no city municipality issues an unfavorable opinion, the local regulations must be approved by the Metropolitan Council on June 30.

And the city of Vertu voted unanimously to implement the device.

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