Mass Effect Trilogy director working on a new AAA sci-fi

Last year we learned that Casey Hudson had set up his own development studio. Information that would have gone unnoticed if the man wasn’t the director of the trilogy mass effect. After exiting Bioware it was opened Android Studiosand announced work on a new game within the Unreal Engine. Today, thanks to the update of their official website, we get to know more about the project. We also get a glimpse into the universe through the first batch of artwork.

We now know it’s going to be AAA in the realm of science fiction. The narrative will be pushed there, with many worlds and characters.

Hudson specifies that this game will be cross-platform, although his studio works with a small team. But provide a safe and enjoyable environment for employees.

A little info for sure, but back to the sources for its manager. Obviously sci-fi works well for him, and I’m giving the episode as evidence Andromeda, without his supervision, and inferior to the originals in every way. Let’s give Casey Hudson time to impress us again, and keep our fingers crossed until his vision takes shape!

Artistical works:

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